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Honor 4X – review


Welcome to my review of the Honor 4X. Before you start reading my review, just take note of the price of this handset. It is on sale at Amazon for £144.99. For that, you get an awful lot of bang for your buck.


The build is a plastic type fit and finish with a removable back. The white rear back cover is slightly patterned to aide with grip.


On the back you can also see the 13mp rear camera with flash. The front camera is 5mp. Sony sensors too.


The bottom edge reveals the mic, micro usb port and loudspeaker grill.


And now with the back cover off. This is where the hardware differs from other dual sim phones, even from Honor’s other offerings. With the cover off, you can see it has dual LTE sims and another slot for a micro SD card. This card only works up to 32gb. I tried one of my 64gb cards and it didn’t work. The phone wanted to format card, and as I had loads of photos and music stored on it, I decided to remove it.


All in all, its a well built piece of hardware despite being made of plastic.

Home Screen and Emotion UI

If you have seen the Honor 6 or Honor 6+, then the Emotion UI will be a familiar face.


The Honor 4X has a slightly lighter version, probably due to its internal storage at 8gb.



You also get the choice of a few themes, but none of these are that exciting. If you search on the web, there are plenty other themes available.


However, add your own wallpaper, and the icons do look a little more appealing.


The screen is a real standout part of this package. It is a large 5.5 inch IPS display with a 75% screen to body ratio. And the display is good. A 720p panel never looked so lovely. Just shows how far technology has moved forward.

Phone Essentials

First let us take a look at the specifications –

– Screen – 5.5 inch, 1280 x 720,  IPS, 75% screen to body ratio, 5mm frame

– Price – £144.99 on Amazon UK

– Android v4.4.2 with planned lollipop update, with Emotion v3

– Processor – Kirin 620 Octa Core 1.2ghz 64bit A53 Processor

– LTE – 4G LTE-FDD, Bands 3, 7, 8 and 20

– Camera – Sony BSI CMOS rear 13mp, front facing 5mp

– Battery – 3,000maH, 72 hours standby, 48 hours talk time

– Memory – 2gb ram plus 8gb rom, micro sd cards up to 32gb

– Dual LTE sims

– Size – 152.9mm x 77.2mm x 8.65mm, Weight 170g

– Colours – White or Black

– Box contents – phone and charger 

In terms of performance the AnTuTu score kicked in at 27,700 yet in day to day usage it never felt slow. Due to the 8gb of storage this will never be a hardcore gaming device, although I did install a few of my favourite games. This does have a 64 bit processor which might be the reason it is fairly smooth in day to day operation.


The one weakness and probably the only weakness of this phone is the 8gb storage. Once Google apps have updated, and you have added a few apps of your own, as you can see, I only had 2.32gb free. If you get this phone, you will probably need to invest in a 32gb micro sd card.


As a phone, once again Honor provides a handset with good radios, cellular, wifi and bluetooth. Like the Honor 6+ I recently reviewed, the signal strength of the Honor 4X was above that of many of my other handsets.

I have been testing the battery life on this phone and it is relatively simple to knock out 2 days. With a 720p screen and a 3,000mAH battery this is not a surprise really.


The Honor 4X is fitted with a 13mp rear and 5mp front camera.

The interface is a familiar Honor camera app affair minus with many options. If you owned this phone, you would not need to buy another camera app.


Options include voice activation to take a photo, and even the ability to adjust the focus and metering points independently. I did not expect that!


There are a number of additional photo modes, from HDR and panorama. Burst takes a max of 10 photos in a sequence.



As you can see above, the camera app includes a wealth of options to fine tune your images.

Gallery App

After you have snapped some photos, they all appear in the Gallery app.


You also have a list view which reveals the other folders with photos.


Sample shots

So what is the verdict on the camera quality. Have a view of some photos I took with the camera below.


I was trying to get a macro or close up shot, on the photo above and below and as you can see it is slightly over exposed. In normal bright light the camera photos were much better.


It seemed to slightly over expose the church and war memorial too.




As you can see the lighting conditions were far from ideal, being overcast but with a white glare as the sun was trying to emerge, but didn’t.


My view on the photo quality is that it takes average to slightly better photos when lighting improves. For a budget phone it comes with a comprehensive camera app and produces shots that are above average for its price point. As a reference point, the Honor 6+ which is twice the cost of the Honor 4X takes superior photos. However, if all these photos end up being shared on social media, nobody would know any different and I have proved this point several times over the last week or so.

Sound Quality and FM Radio


A FM radio is included and the Honor 4X locks station really fast. RDS is not included. USB Audio is not included. Music playback via the loudspeaker pumps out a loud sound at around 87db. It is also handy that it is positioned on the bottom edge. Music playback via headphones is just average. DTS is included and I would recommend keeping this on.



This being a Honor phone, Emotion UI v3 is installed and the wealth of settings and options is impressive.


Plenty of options in the notifications panel, but the settings icon to jump to the main settings app is missing.



As this is a dual LTE sim, sim management is provided for your 2 sims.


And below are a few screen shots from the settings menu, before I get to my final thoughts.



You will notice gesture support and motions is provided with this phone.


Screenshot_2015-05-23-09-29-24 (1)







Final Thoughts

Honor have produced a very reasonably priced budget dual LTE sim smartphone. The screen is lovely. The cellular radios are excellent. 8gb of storage is a bit low and in my opinion something to be aware. I would recommend installing a 32 gb micro SD card.

To find out more on the Honor 4X click here – Honor 4X deal and info at Amazon UK

Honor 4X – Dual LTE Sim Smartphone plus more


I have been putting the Honor 4X through several tests this week, with even more to follow before providing my thoughts on this handset. This phone piques my interest due to its feature set versus its price of £144.99.

For a start it is a 5.5 inch 720p IPS screen that looks really good. It next features dual micro sims, both of which are LTE enabled. Plus another slot for a micro SD card up to 32gb. It features 8gb storage and 2gb ram, along with a 3,000 maH battery for 2 days battery life and 7 days on ultra power saving mode. It is powered by a 64 bit 1.2Ghz processor. Honor have not skimped on the cameras either as you get 5mp on the front and 13mp on the rear. There are more features which will all get covered off during its review.

Before I write my review, I would be interested if you have any questions you would like answering. If so leave a comment below or contact me using any of my social media links.

To find out more on the Honor 4X click here – Honor 4X deal and info at Amazon UK

Honor 4X 4G 64bit 5.5 inch Smartphone – new from Honor!!



Honor have announced their new Honor 4X Smartphone and it is available today for pre order direct only from Amazon.

The Key Specs are –
– 5.5-inch touch screen supporting auto rotation, 267 PPI
– 8gb Storage, 2gb ram
– MicroSD slot upto 32GB
– 13 MP main camera with auto focus + 5 MP secondary camera + Ultra Snap mode takes photo in 0.6 seconds
– Dual-microphone noise reduction
– 3000 mAh battery with smart power-saving technology – 48 hours battery, 7 days in Ultra Mode
– 64 Bit Processor, Kirin 620
– Dual Sims
– 1.2 GHz Octa-core processor
– EMUI v3.0 with Lollipop upgrade coming soon

The Pre Order price is £144.99 which is another great value offering from Honor. I will be getting this phone in for review shortly too. So it you want to know more about this phone head over to Amazon UK

Honor launches 2 amazing Smartphones at MWC – details of the Honor 4X and Honor 6+

Honor held its launch event yesterday evening at MWC, and launched not one but two new phones.

I recently reviewed the Honor Holly and Honor 6 and was really impressed at the quality and value of these handsets. Now we have the Honor 4X and Honor 6+.

Let’s look at the Honor 4X.

The Honor 4X is a 5.5 inch 720p display, 64-bit 1.2 GHz Octa-core processor that provides 40% better performance than other 32-bit handsets, a 13MP primary camera with a f/2.0 5 piece lens, wide angle, HDR, a 5MP front camera, dual-SIM technology, a 3000maH battery that allows for two days of continuous use and superfast, uncompromising wireless connectivity with 4G compatibility for those that demand a faster connection. 1050 LTE/EPC patents guarantee seamless communication on the go. Storage is 8gb, 2gb ram. Dual silicon microphone design and noise reduction technology ensures unparalleled call quality even in the most demanding of environments. The 4X boasts a 72 hour battery and 7 days in Ultra Power saving mode. Android 4.4 with a confirmed upgrade to Android Lollipop too. Interesting the loudspeaker is on the side.

I mentioned the 13mp camera, but how about these features – “Ultra snapshot”, off-screen photo mode, all-focus mode, map view and a camera that can take photos in 0.6 seconds. That is not launch the camera app in 0.6 seconds but actually have taken a photo in 0.6 seconds.

The Honor 6+ was the other phone launched by Honor and the phone I personally want as my next smartphone.


So what makes this phone so special. It is based on the Honor 6 which I reviewed and throughly enjoyed. The Honor 6+ is for the digital photographer who wants more creativity. Capture unparalleled selfies on the 5.5-inch screen using the 8MP front facing camera. Unlike some phones, the Honor 6+ has an incredible 3,600 mAh battery which provides 2 days normal usage and that is without using the power saving modes. Now the rear cameras offer something extra. Featuring a parallel dual-camera, that’s two x 8mp rear lenses, blurry-night time photos are a thing of the past with the Honor 6+. The dual-lens camera means that the Honor 6+ captures double the amount of light. Coupled with a focus time of just 0.1 seconds, you’ll be able to capture beautiful night-time scenes that offer a level of clarity never seen before on a smartphone. Other features of the camera include a night mode with up to 32 second exposure. You can refocus the shot after taking and adjust the f stop from f/0.95 to f/16The display is a 5.5inch 1080p JDI Nega-LC FHD screen. Enjoy deep blacks and rich colour thanks to a stunning 1500:1 ultra high contrast ratio. A Kirin 925 octa-core processor powers everything with 3GB RAM, 32gb storage AND micro SD card support up to 128gb.

More info at – http://www.hihonor.com/en/pages/home and expect reviews on these phones as soon as possible.

For a detailed view of the Honor 6+ view this video. It is in Chinese but with English subtitles. Well worth a look.