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This is the Google Pixel 4 – plus other info

So Google just trolled itself and confirmed that the leaked image was in fact its upcoming Pixel 4.

The phone is not being released for another 4 months, so this is kind of crazy for a company to confirm that the leaked image was in fact its phone. Why would anyone now buy the older models, when you can clearly see there are multiple rear cameras now and some rumoured up to 5 cameras on the front.

What Google needs to confirm is that this new phone will have at least 6GB of ram, preferably 8gb to avoid apps being dumped out of memory.

So are you excited for the new Pixel 4?


Tag Heuer, Google and Intel to launch a Smart Watch to take on the Apple Watch

Via 9to5mac.com

“TAG Heuer, Google and Intel have announced a partnership to launch a Swiss smartwatch powered by Intel technology and Android Wear. The effort signifies a new era of collaboration between Swiss watchmakers and Silicon Valley, bringing together each company’s respective expertise in luxury watchmaking, software and hardware.”

Take whatever you like from this announcement. My only thoughts is competition is always healthy and who wears a watch nowadays????

Apple, Google, and the Hubris of Silicon Valley’s Hiring Conspiracy

Steve Jobs wouldn’t appear to have been an emoticon guy, but history will show that on at least one occasion, when words failed to convey his delight, he resorted to one. It was March 2007, and Jobs had received an e-mail from Eric Schmidt, then Google’s (GOOG) chief executive officer and a board member at Apple (AAPL). Schmidt wanted to let Jobs know that Google would terminate “within the hour” a recruiter who’d dared to contact an Apple employee in violation of a “do not call” policy between the companies. Schmidt abjectly apologized, adding: “Should this ever happen again please let me know immediately and we will handle. Thanks!! Eric.”

Jobs forwarded Schmidt’s groveling e-mail to an Apple subordinate. His cover note said, in its entirety, “:)”.

This telling material—and there’s oh, so much more of it—comes from the voluminous court record in the recently settled Silicon Valley hiring antitrust case. On April 24, Apple, Google, Intel (INTC), and Adobe Systems (ADBE) ran up the white flag in a class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of more than 64,000 programmers and engineers who accused the companies of conspiring not to raid one another’s workforces in the interest of stifling competition and suppressing wages.

A great article from Businessweek. Read the rest here – http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-05-01/tech-hubris-the-silicon-valley-antitrust-hiring-conspiracy

Google+ new juicy update

Google has updated Google+ with some decent new features. It looks like Snapseed is being totally integrated into Google+ and I wonder how long before the app gets pulled completely.

The change log –

-Non-destructive photo editing across devices — Starting today you can start your edits on one device, and continue on another. This means you can backup full-resolution photos from your desktop, edit them in seconds on your phone, then add some finishing touches from your tablet.

-Brand new filters like Drama, HDR Scape and creative editing tools

-The new ‘All’ view displays your entire photo library — whether it’s on your current device, or backed up in the cloud.

-An easy way to browse your photos by date — In addition to search, there’s now another way to find your photos fast. Just swipe through your photos in the ‘All’ view, and look for the scroll bar on the right. Dragging the scroll bar up or down will quickly move you forwards or backwards in time.

Analysts are warped – that’s being polite you understand – Google, Apple and Amazon results are announced and then boom

Apple, Google and Amazon have all posted their financial results over the last 24 hours or so.

Apple produced one of its best quarters yet it’s stock went down 8%, due to analysts not being happy.

Google missed its earnings substantially due to losses at Motorola but it’s shares rose 9%, due to happy analysts.

Amazon also produced a good result despite market conditions but missed a few parameters, so once again analysts were unhappy and it’s shares dropped 5%.

Is it me, but what do analysts know about running major companies in real life, instead of shifting pieces of paper or working computer screens.

Apple – it’s got more cash in the bank than most countries and is still making billions in profits. Not millions. Billions. And it has a captive loyal customer base.

Amazon had revenue of $25.59 billion, and earnings per share of $0.51. The company has operating income of $510 million in the period, up 26% year over year. And that wasn’t enough. So shares dropped 5%.

Google had increases in both revenue and income. For the fourth quarter, Google reported revenues of $16.86 billion, up 17 percent year-over-year. Operating income was $3.92 billion, or 23 percent of revenues. Net income rang in at $3.38 billion, up from $2.89 billion in Q4 2012. The now sold Motorola contributed a $384 million loss in Q4 2013.

These 3 companies are all performing at the top level and yet analysts seem to know better. Hmmm…

Google Is Taking Android to the Car With Audi, GM, Honda and Hyundai

Google has just announced that it’s joining forces with Audi, GM, Honda, Hyundai and Nvidia to create the Open Automotive Alliance. In other words, it’s planning to take Android to the automobile.

Looks like the race to connected cars is truly on with Apple looking to fill this space.

And if brand is anything to go by, Apple is already linked with Ferrari.

Google under investigation in the UK

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is looking into Google’s acquisition of Israeli mapping app maker Waze, to determine whether it affects competition in UK.

The OFT is now checking whether the deal qualifies for a full investigation under the Enterprise Act.

In order to qualify, Waze’s UK turnover would either have to exceed £70 million a year, or the two companies would have to supply or acquire at least 25 per cent of the same goods or services supplied in the UK. Only then would the OFT investigate whether the acquisition affects competition in the UK.

If the deal does qualify for an investigation, and is found to result in a “substantial lessening of competition” in the UK, then the OFT could take one of three actions: it could refer the investigation to the Competition Commission, it could ask Google to make concessions to meet competition rules, or it could clear the deal entirely.

The OFT now has 40 working days to reach a decision on whether or not to investigate the acquisition.

This could be interesting if an investigation occurs.

Less than 7 days to go for the next huge wave of new phone announcements

Get ready for the start of silly season. Within the next 7 days, the amount of new smartphone announcements is going to explode. Expect every manufacturer to reveal their lineup for the last quarter of the year, and then on 10th September, Apple will reveal all its new iPhones. Later on in September, Nokia and Google will reveal their hands too with new phones. And don’t forget Amazon. New Kindle tablets, but will they launch their first smartphone this year!

What I will try to do is consolidate the new phones releases into concise readable chunks, with my view on each new phone. Who knows, I might even review a few of them too.