Analysts are warped – that’s being polite you understand – Google, Apple and Amazon results are announced and then boom

Apple, Google and Amazon have all posted their financial results over the last 24 hours or so.

Apple produced one of its best quarters yet it’s stock went down 8%, due to analysts not being happy.

Google missed its earnings substantially due to losses at Motorola but it’s shares rose 9%, due to happy analysts.

Amazon also produced a good result despite market conditions but missed a few parameters, so once again analysts were unhappy and it’s shares dropped 5%.

Is it me, but what do analysts know about running major companies in real life, instead of shifting pieces of paper or working computer screens.

Apple – it’s got more cash in the bank than most countries and is still making billions in profits. Not millions. Billions. And it has a captive loyal customer base.

Amazon had revenue of $25.59 billion, and earnings per share of $0.51. The company has operating income of $510 million in the period, up 26% year over year. And that wasn’t enough. So shares dropped 5%.

Google had increases in both revenue and income. For the fourth quarter, Google reported revenues of $16.86 billion, up 17 percent year-over-year. Operating income was $3.92 billion, or 23 percent of revenues. Net income rang in at $3.38 billion, up from $2.89 billion in Q4 2012. The now sold Motorola contributed a $384 million loss in Q4 2013.

These 3 companies are all performing at the top level and yet analysts seem to know better. Hmmm…

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