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Samsung Galaxy S9+ New Firmware hits UK devices – Full details

A new firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S9+ is now live and available to download in the UK. This is the second firmware update for the S9+.

The firmware is 317mb and whilst Samsung note that call quality has been improved and also the quality of the wallpapers, there are many performance and bug fixes.

After installing this update, the device security is updated to the 1st March 2018 security patch.

If you don’t see the update on your phone, just go into settings and manually check for the update.

Huawei Honor V9 – The First New Flagship of 2017 – with 3D Photo Support – Full Details


The Huawei Honor V9 has been launched in China.

Huawei Honor V9 looks fabulous being just 6.97mm in thickness and finished in great colours – blue, red, gold and black.

The Huawei Honor V9 comes with the powerful Huawei Kirin 960 octa-core chip,6GB of RAM on board. This along with 64GB / 128GB ROM options make sure that the phone boasts of current flagship grade configuration. On top of that, there is a 5.7-inch 2K screen. Battery is a decent 4,000mAh. Software side it runs Android Nougat with EMUI 5.

The camera – The Huawei Honor V9 features the third generation 12MP f/2.2 dual camera setup which helps take photos with bokeh effect, excellent low light images, and richer images, thanks to the improved black and white sensor which takes up to 3 times more light.

Huawei is also marketing the honor V9 as the first 3D modeling smartphone. The dual cameras setup along with the help of laser focus at the back is capable of capturing 3D creative photos and using this, you can take 3D print outs too.

It seems dual cameras are likely to be the norm this year, apart from the new flagship from Samsung.


Tidal Music Streaming Service just integrated MQA into its service – High Quality Streaming Becomes a Reality – Full Details & Explanation


TIDAL have just integrated MQA into it’s service.

I’m not sure how much you all know about MQA but in a nutshell, it’s a new audio format that plays back in extreme high res, 24bit, as opposed to 16bit. It’s designed to play back in studio-like quality and just as the artist intended. So far, the entire Warner Music catalogue has been integrated, so that’s thousands of songs. Apart from the enhanced quality, MQA uses a lot less data to stream as the audio file sizes are smaller than traditional FLAC audio files. In laymans terms, the MQA audio files are zipped in to a smaller file, streamed over the air, and then unzipped at the other end. Neat.

What is TIDAL Masters?

TIDAL has partnered with MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) to deliver guaranteed master-quality recordings directly from the master source – an audio experience that the artist intended.

What is the difference between HiFi quality and Master quality?

HiFi audio is a superior sound, but is still limited in its resolution—44.1 kHz /16 bit. Yet TIDAL has partnered with MQA to deliver something infinitely better: an authenticated and unbroken version (typically 96 kHz / 24 bit) with the highest-possible resolution—as flawless as it sounded in the mastering suite. And exactly as the artist intended it to sound.

I’m already a TIDAL user, what do I do?

Premium Members: As a Premium member, you will need to upgrade to a TIDAL HiFi Member and use the
desktop application in order to enjoy TIDAL Masters audio feature. HiFi Members: All you need is your TIDAL HiFi membership to access thousands of master-quality albums only through the TIDAL desktop application. When you are in TIDAL desktop application, go to “What’s New” and select “Masters” in the Albums section. If you don’t have the TIDAL desktop application, you can find it here: http://tidal.com/us/download .

How can I listen to TIDAL Masters (master-quality recordings)?

All you need is a TIDAL HiFi membership to access thousands of master-quality albums only through the TIDAL desktop application. When you are in TIDAL desktop application, go to “What’s New” and select “Masters” in the Albums section. To get the best quality, make sure to select “HiFi/Master” quality in “Settings” and then select “Streaming”. If you don’t have the TIDAL desktop application, you can find it here: http://tidal.com/us/download .

Where do I find a list of available master-quality albums and tracks?

TIDAL HiFi members can access our growing catalog of master-quality albums and tracks only through the TIDAL desktop application. Go to “What’s New” and select “Masters” in the Albums section.
Master-quality albums and tracks will be available on mobile and web application at a later date.

What will it cost?

We are introducing this to all TIDAL HiFi members at no additional charge.
How much music is available in Master quality?

We have music over 30,000 tracks from Warner Music Group, our TIDAL artist owners and key independent labels. We will continue to add more master-quality content over time.

The EU agrees on a new Cyber Law – Network and Information Security Directive – details

Via Reuters

EU lawmakers and member states struck a deal on the bloc’s first cyber-security law on Monday that will require Internet firms such as Google and Amazon to report serious breaches or face sanctions.

The deal, following five hours of negotiations between the European Parliament and EU governments, was reached in response to increasing worries about cyber attacks resulting in security and privacy breaches.

The European Commission’s digital chief, Andrus Ansip, said the new law would build up consumers’ trust in Internet services, especially cross-border services.

“The Internet knows no border – a problem in one country can have a knock-on effect in the rest of Europe. This is why we need EU-wide cyber-security solutions. This agreement is an important step in this direction,” he said.

The new law, known as the Network and Information Security Directive, sets out security and reporting obligations for companies in critical sectors such as transport, energy, health and finance. Web firms will be subject to less stringent obligations, than, say, airports or oil pipeline operators.

Under the measure, Internet companies such as Google, Amazon, eBay and Cisco – but not social networks like Facebook – will be required to report serious incidents to national authorities, which in turn will be able to impose sanctions on companies that fail to do so.

It was only a matter of time for this law to come to fruition and with all the cyber attacks, companies are now going to have to be even more vigilant or face the wrath of the new EU law.

BlackBery Priv – first major firmware update – full details

Software updates received in a timely manner are really important especially when they contain security patches. 

BlackBerry hasn’t disappointed with its Priv handheld and released its first update offering the following changes – 

“Here’s what the release, which brings productivity AND security improvements (and requires approx 475 MB of space), has to offer:

– An improved camera: We’ve implemented a number of tweaks that improve the speed of our camera app, and re-tuned it for better low-light image quality.
– Better performance: We’ve also tweaked the PRIV’s software to improve overall system performance

– Improved stability: The update further includes a number of adjustments designed to improve device reliability and reduce instances of crashing and freezing.

– Enhanced security: Lastly, the release includes December’s security patches – rest easy knowing your device is protected against the latest Android security threats.

Be sure to also keep an eye out for coming updates to BlackBerry’s Android apps: Blackberry Keyboard, Blackberry Hub, Blackberry Camera, and DTEK by BlackBerry. The latest version of each will be available through the Google Play Store on December 14. The improvements include:

– Camera: Now supports 16:9 photos
– Keyboard: Increased language support and emojis added to predictive typing

– Hub & Contacts: Now includes WhatsApp

– DTEK by BlackBerry: More notification options to alert you when apps use your info

When the update becomes available for your PRIV, applying it is both free and easy to do:”

Now this is a good reason to buy this phone. Hopefully BlackBerry will continue this rapid firmware deployment with security patches and bug quasi and adding new features too. 

Source – BlackBerry

Samsung unveils the Galaxy S2 Tablet – Ultra thin – Full details


“Samsung Electronics announced the global launch of the Galaxy Tab S2, the most immersive Samsung tablet to-date. Samsung’s newest Galaxy tablet continuously delivers a stunning Super AMOLED display perfectly optimized for reading and viewing any type of digital content. The Galaxy Tab S2 is stylishly designed with the thinnest and lightest metal frame of its size on the market and packs powerful performance features to offer enhanced usability, empowering users with new and improved choices in productivity and multitasking. At just 5.6mm thin and only 389g (9.7 -inch) and 265g (8.0 -inch) weight.

The tablet also presents deeper contrast and more precise detail to provide a best-in-class reading experience with the Super AMOLED display delivering 94% of natural tones to show true-to-life colors (Adobe RGB color standard). The tablet comes fully equipped and preloaded with Microsoft Office Solutions** for ultimate productivity on the road, such as creating and editing documents, while conveniently storing up to 100GB of files on the cloud via OneDrive for two years for free.

For enhanced manageability, the Galaxy Tab S2 is built with a touch-enabled Fingerprint Scanner for hassle-free authentication. In addition, the Galaxy Tab S2 offers Multitasking, allowing users to view and run two apps simultaneously. Also with Pop-Up Window, users can easily navigate between multiple apps at once. The Galaxy Tab S2 also provides an improved storage structure that makes locating files simpler than ever.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 will come in a variety of connectivity, storage and size options: 9.7-inch and 8.0-inch versions with Wi-Fi, or Wi-Fi and LTE, available in 32 or 64GB with MicroSD up to 128GB. It will be available in global markets, starting from August, 2015.”

Another tablet from Samsung, sure looks good, but the price will be the key decider which is unknown at present.

Source – http://global.samsungtomorrow.com/samsung-unveils-galaxy-tab-s2-the-essential-tablet-for-experiencing-digital-content/

HTC Grip – Full details


HTC announced their new fitness wearable in partnership with Under Armour.

The full specifications are –

– Small Size – 51.9 x 68.2 x 22.5 mm
, Inner circumference: 145.54mm
– Medium size – 60.98 x 74.57 x 22.5 mm, 
Inner circumference: 169.76mm
– Large size – 68.92 x 85.24 x 22.5 mm, 
Inner circumference: 199.51mm
– Display 1.8-inch inch 32 x 160 PMOLED mono flexible display with capacitive touch
– Platform – RTOS
– Processor – STM32L151QDH6
– Memory – 16MB Flash, 8MB SRAM
– Battery – 100 mAh rechargeable battery
– 2.5 days battery life or 5 hours w/GPS activated
– Sensors – Sensor Hub (STM32F411), G-sensor, Gyro, Compass, GPS, Light sensor
– Connectivity – BLE (Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0),
USB charging cable
– Other Vibration notifications, IP57 Dust & Water Resistant, Shock Resistant (compliant with MIL-STD-810G 516.6 Procedure I, IV)

Microsoft held an EVENT yesterday – Windows 10 – full recap and views


Yesterday Microsoft held an event and live streamed it too. It started as dull as dishwater, slowly picked up some pace, started accelerating and then shot to the moon with rockets. So what happened and what were the key points?

– In the first year when Windows 10 launches, all devices running Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows Phone 8.1 will get version 10 OS for free. This is a complete change in policy for Microsoft but also a good way of getting everyone on the same firmware so that they all can make full use of all the new services. If more people use the services, thats more money to Microsoft.

– Windows 10 brings new features across all devices. Start Menu is back and spruced up along with new multitasking with Task View and plenty of UI improvements including that of the settings. Action Centre now available for instant access to common tasks like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other settings. Notifications are synced across devices. Cool. Cortana comes to the PC. Universal apps. New app improvements for Calendar, Mail, Photos with auto sync and album creation, People, Maps, Music collections all syncing to OneDrive. Xbox app improvements for streaming Xbox One games to Windows 10 devices and DVR support.

– New Web Browser – Project Spartan. Has a reading mode and reading lists that syncs across devices.

– Microsoft Office – improved for touch devices, tablets and phones.

– Microsoft unveiled a new category of device designed to showcase Windows 10 – the Surface Hub. This has a 84-inch 4K display with support for multi-touch and pen input. A 55-inch option will also be available. The massive screen also includes dual cameras, microphones, and a wide array of advanced sensors that Microsoft would not reveal any further detail on. This sounds expensive.

– The Windows 10 messaging client will integrate multiple internet-based services, creating a single conversation for each person regardless of which apps are used. Skype got spruced out and became the iMessage for Windows 10.

And then Microsoft announced the Holographic Googles and the world went wild. Hololens creates a virtual reality world. Everything becomes real in a virtual reality way. Looked superb and futuristic. But it is nowhere near finished. The press had their bags and cameras removed for all their demos.

So my concerns. Delivery date and will Microsoft be able to keep to the timelines and not have delays. When the software is released, will it be bug free or a mess. Will all the cloud syncing work correctly. The cloud part using OneDrive I am sure will work just fine. But I am worried about Microsoft delivering on the timelines for Windows 10. They need to move fast, otherwise the competition will overtake again and again.

So what were your thoughts from last night.