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BlackBery Priv – first major firmware update – full details

Software updates received in a timely manner are really important especially when they contain security patches. 

BlackBerry hasn’t disappointed with its Priv handheld and released its first update offering the following changes – 

“Here’s what the release, which brings productivity AND security improvements (and requires approx 475 MB of space), has to offer:

– An improved camera: We’ve implemented a number of tweaks that improve the speed of our camera app, and re-tuned it for better low-light image quality.
– Better performance: We’ve also tweaked the PRIV’s software to improve overall system performance

– Improved stability: The update further includes a number of adjustments designed to improve device reliability and reduce instances of crashing and freezing.

– Enhanced security: Lastly, the release includes December’s security patches – rest easy knowing your device is protected against the latest Android security threats.

Be sure to also keep an eye out for coming updates to BlackBerry’s Android apps: Blackberry Keyboard, Blackberry Hub, Blackberry Camera, and DTEK by BlackBerry. The latest version of each will be available through the Google Play Store on December 14. The improvements include:

– Camera: Now supports 16:9 photos
– Keyboard: Increased language support and emojis added to predictive typing

– Hub & Contacts: Now includes WhatsApp

– DTEK by BlackBerry: More notification options to alert you when apps use your info

When the update becomes available for your PRIV, applying it is both free and easy to do:”

Now this is a good reason to buy this phone. Hopefully BlackBerry will continue this rapid firmware deployment with security patches and bug quasi and adding new features too. 

Source – BlackBerry

Dissatisfied with the plastic BlackBerry Priv? Now available in 24k GOLD


The BlackBerry Priv is finished is a grippy plastic material. Some users have reported that its a bit plastic but have no fear, Karalux is here with its 24K gold-plated BlackBerry Priv. The gold plating comes cheap at a cost of $1,333. Plus Postage.

As much as I like gold finishes I just don’t see the point personally. However, a trip some years ago to Harrods Department Store in London, revealed a whole area dedicated to gold, diamond and other expensive finishes to iPhones and BlackBerry’s. Blackberry’s were very much in demand.

Source Android Authority

BlackBerry Priv – The full specifications


BlackBerry has finally released the full specs for its upcoming android smartphone, the BlackBerry Priv.

– Screen 5.4-inch dual curved QHD display, 2560 x 1440, 540 PPI
– Battery – 3,410mAh
– Cameras – 18MP rear OIS and Phase Detect Auto Focus, 4K at 30fps, 2MP front
– Processor – Snapdragon 808, 3gb ram
– Both touch and physical keyboards
– Schneider-Kreuznach® certified camera
– Android 5.1.1
– Price – Expensive £579

So at launch its running android 5.1.1 not android 6.0 and only has a snapdragon 808.

Is this worth the price of £579?

Source – androidcentral.com