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DJI Osmo Mobile – First Impressions – Stabilise your Phone with this luxury gimbal


The DJI Osmo Mobile is the new king on the block for stabilising your iPhone and android. Sorry no windows smartphone support.

It comes with a swish app on android and iOS too which adds a whole wealth of features. Now, I have watched many YouTube reviews of this new stabiliser and most left out the weaknesses. I intend to cover off everything, good and bad.

For now below are 2 short clips, both stabilised. One edited using the DJI Go app and the other using iMovie.

First up the clip using the DJI Go app.

And next a clip created using iMovie on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Now, these are the first video clips from the DJI Osmo Mobile and I am certain based on my learning curve, I should be able to improve the footage and the types of shots possible from moving timelapses and more.

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