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Android Wear vs Apple Watch OS – Android plays catch up nearly


Last night Google announced the new Android Wear 2.0 update and LG announced some new watches that run the new update.

So how does Android Wear 2.0 compare to the Apple Watch?

– Complications are now included in Android Wear. Finally!
– Android Wear now allows switching between the different watch faces like the Apple Watch.
– GPS enabled android wear watches now work standalone, something Apple introduced months ago.
– Android Pay is now included if the watch has NFC
– Now its possible to select which apps are installed on the android wear watch.

– Google Assistant vs Siri – You decide which is better 🙂
– Android Wear now has its own version of the Google Play store
– LTE – Mobile connection on android wear are possible without a phone. The Apple Watch does not offer this.
– Google Fit has been revamped and now has auto workout detection.

Whilst it is clear Google has copied or has been inspired by Apple, it is great to see such big and worthy improvements to the android wear platform.

I sincerely hope android wear is now successful as Apple needs some competition for its Apple Watch.


Apple Watch – Activity & New Years Resolution – How I’ve managed to clear all 3 rings every day and stay motivated


Apple Watch, staying fit, being more active and New Year resolutions. Sound familiar.

My New Year resolution in 2017 was to continue my weight loss and improve my fitness. As you can see from the screen shot above, I have cleared all 3 activity rings on my Apple Watch every day this January, with just today to complete for the perfect month.

To recap, to clear the 3 rings, you need to first do enough calories to hit the calorie goal, exercise for 30 mins per day whereby your heart rate registers higher than just walking and stand for 1 min minimum in at least 12 hours per day. Apple’s method is slightly different from a few other fitness devices eg Fitbit which set a target of 10,000 steps per day. Apple’s approach is to ensure you stay more active during the course of the whole day and raise your heart rate to complete 30 mins exercise.

This year I decided to set a lower calorie target of just 400 calories per day. This meant if I was having a long day at work in meetings or driving or something else I had a higher chance of hitting this target. I don’t know about you, but if I had failed to hit the target one day during January, I could have easily given up. With a lower target, I am feeling more and more motivated and pleased that I am smashing my target. In reality, the lowest amount of calories burnt per day is 700. Every day I complete, makes me more motivated to complete the next day. I also like receiving the various achievements awarded in the activity app. After a successful day today, I will get my successful month award.

The next difficult part is completing 30 minutes exercise per day. The simplest solution I have found is to listen to some upbeat energetic music, and walk/jog on the spot at home. Sometimes, exercise minutes are registered when I walk my dogs but normally walking my dogs doesn’t translate into enough exercise minutes. Of course I could go to the gym, but with such a busy life and living on rural Dartmoor, going to a gym is not practical.

The final aspect of hitting the daily goals, is making sure you are sharing your progress with a suitable friend or two. This really helps maintain focus and adds a friendly competitive nature to the challenge.

Now if you don’t have an Apple Watch, all of the above still applies. Don’t set an unrealistic tough goal for each day. Set one that you know you will hit to keep you motivated and compete with friend or two.

Finally good luck!

A Smart Hairbrush – With Microphones, Sensors and an App – Seriously?


Experience the world’s first smart hairbrush that empowers you to track and improve hair health over time. This product results from a collaboration between Kérastase and L’Oréal, who bring worldwide hair expertise, and Withings, which brings state of the art sensors and app connectivity to everyday products. The resulting innovation is a brush that syncs seamlessly to your smartphone to provide valuable insights that can help revolutionize the home beauty routine.

Withings has developed the world’s first smart hairbrush that provides a holistic hair assessment. Integrating the best of hairbrush design with an array of high-tech sensors, Hair Coach sends all data automatically to the dedicated app, where you can view trends and get valuable advice on how to better care for your hair.

Unfortunately this is just the start of everyday items that will have an app and connect to the internet. I just don’t see the point of this. do you??

Source & More Info – Withings

Apple Watch – Make it a Nike Style Apple Watch for under £20 – Comparisons

Apple Series 2 Nike TP Straps

Over Christmas I had time to experiment with different Apple Watch straps. I wanted to make my plain Series 2 watch more like the Apple Nike Watch. So I bought 2 different brand Apple Watch straps that claimed to look identical to the official versions.

Apple Series 2 Nike TP Straps

So what I did was go for a black/yellow finish and the same Nike looking style strap, but in a colour not offered by Apple officially. I picked the red/black finish.

My observations are the plastic used in the third party straps are not of the same quality as Apple original straps, but they do costs over £30 less. As the straps have holes, they are slightly lighter,  and they allow your skin breathe more.

To give you a better perspective, I have filmed a short video capturing more of the differences, comparisons with official Apple straps and showing the straps against some cases, for that perfect colour coordinated look.

Video Review

In my video review, I am hoping you get a better perspective of the different straps, the quality versus and Apple original strap and some colour coordination with some official Apple iPhone cases.


My little experiment in discovering Nike style Apple Watch straps was a huge success. I personally prefer the black/yellow mix although I at times I like switching back to the red/black strap. The Nike looking straps looks gorgeous!

Useful Links

iMiWell Black/Green Nike Style Apple Watch – Click HERE.
Elobeth Nike Red Style Apple Watch Strap – Click HERE.

Other colours and mixes of straps are shown on using above links.

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It’s a New Year and I’m using my Apple Watch to help me get fitter!

Apple Watch Fitness

Apple created a new achievement award for 2017. It’s goal was to help people kick start and get back on track with their health and fitness activity. To achieve this new achievement award, you have to clear all 3 activity rings on the Apple Watch from a Monday to Sunday. In addition to receiving the reward, you also received new stickers in the messages app.

So I wondered whether I could focus and hit this new award. In the first week I hit the target. In fact on most days I exceeded the required elements for each activity ring. This also meant I lost 3 lbs. On some days to make sure I hit the minimum 30 mins exercise I did do a fast paced walk on the spot.

So my goal for 2017 is to undo the damage done over Christmas and New Year and continue my quest to get slimmer and healthier.

Remember, you don’t need an Apple Watch to stay fit, in fact you don’t need any fitness device, but if you do have a tracking device of any kind, I have found it has helped to share my progress with a friend. In my case, I am sharing my data with my wife. When either one of us clears a ring, the other is notified. The end result is it keeps both of us on track in a friendly competitive way.

So whatever your plans for 2017, good luck, stay fit and healthy. At the end of this month, I will update you on my progress. Hopefully, it continues the way it started.

My Top 5 Smartphones of 2016 & a message from me 

Can you believe that 2016 is nearly at an end. And what a year 2016 has been. World events have been seismic and so has the technology. 

So what are my top 5 phones for 2016? 

5th Place – Asus Zenfone Zoom – What a phone and what a clever piece of hardware. With 3 x optical zoom, this was a fabulous phone and camera. As Apple has shown, having optical zoom is so useful. 

4th Place – LG G5 – the phone that has every technical specification. Replaceable batteries, micro sd card slot, dual lens system with a super wide lens (so cool), one of the best Bluetooth music using HD APT-X and so much more. Just let down by its build quality versus its competition. If the LG V20 had been sold in the U.K., this would have replaced the G5.

3rd Place – HTC 10 – the phone that everyone forgot about, yet is the phone that has the best audio quality with a headphone jack, solid premium build and super fast. I was going to put the Google Pixel phone in 3rd, but the HTC 10 is a lot less to buy.

2nd Place – Honor 8 – with its dual lens system, infra red blaster, gorgeous hardware and £300 price point, sometimes even less, this is a killer choice and a deserved second place. 

1st Place – Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Apple was helped towards this win due to Samsung suffering a PR disaster with their faulty Note 7. However, IMO there isn’t a single phone on sale at the moment that can offer everything that the iPhone 7 Plus provides. Great camera. Superb audio. iOS 10 and the Apple eco system. For me using the Apple Watch, with an iPad Air,  MacBook Pro and AirPods is a dream setup. HomeKit integrates tightly and Siri for me works very well. 

To catch up on my reviews on all the above phones, and all the other top phones of 2016, click here REVIEWS . Using that link, you can also get to all my Bluetooth headphone reviews and more.

Now in case anyone thinks I am an Apple fanboy or sheep, this is not the case. I just want the best of what’s available. Prior to the iPhone I was using Samsung S7 as my main phone with every Samsung accessory possible. However, after going through a horrific Samsung customer service experience with my Note 7, I have vowed never to use anything with a Samsung logo on it. Following my  Note 7 saga I also sold every Samsung piece of hardware I owned. 

The Holidays 

As we are approaching the holiday period,  news and reviews will be slower. This will allow me to look at the website design and try and improve it in a few places. I will also spend more time with family and friends. So whatever you are doing at this time of year, enjoy the next few days if you can and I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year! 

In the meantime,  if you are buying anything on Amazon UK, using my affiliate link helps me towards the increasing running costs of the website. The good news shopping via my link costs you nothing extra. 
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Pebble cancels the Pebble Time 2 and Core – It’s Game Over


“Fitbit is very close to announcing its plan to purchase Pebble, according to a new report from Bloomberg, which describes the rumored deal as “imminent.” The leading maker of fitness trackers has offered jobs to roughly 40 percent of Pebble’s staff, with most of those going to software engineers. Fitbit’s buyout of Pebble will focus on the smartwatch startup’s software assets, like the operating system on Pebble’s existing devices.

But the deal will reportedly not cover any hardware — including both current and future Pebble products. “The rest of Pebble’s assets, including product inventory and server equipment, will be sold off separately” says the report, which is backed by sources said to be familiar with the acquisition.

As a result, the Pebble Time 2 and Pebble Core will be canceled and won’t ever ship to Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers. Refunds will be issued to everyone that supported either product through crowdfunding.”

Not much to say other than its a shame to see that Pebble will cease to exist soon, but one can only hope that all the talented engineers from Pebble help make Fitbit devices even better.

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Apple iPhone 7 Plus & Apple Watch Series 2 – First Impressions

Iphone 7 plus

When I got home last night, DPD had delivered my Apple iPhone 7 Plus Black and Apple Watch Series 2 Space Grey Sport with Black strap. I also picked up an Apple black leather case and a white sport band for the watch. In terms of finish, I chose black as opposed to jet black. The matte black looks cool.

I have been using android for ages and picking up the iPhone 7 Plus initially felt alien. My first problem was setting up the iPhone. I have 2 factor authentication on everything, and for some reason my SMS code was not appearing. 40 mins later, a plate of salmon and veg consumed, and voila, my SMS code arrived.

As you will know I had the Note 7 previously, so picking the iPhone 7 Plus up was a shock. The iPhone 7 Plus feels huge in comparison to the Note 7. However, based on the extensive drop tests by people on YouTube who have nothing better to do with their time, the extra bezels protects the iPhone a lot from damage.

Next up was the process on installing my essential apps first, then syncing my photos and music from my mac. Out of all the iPhones I have setup, the 7 Plus has been the fastest to sync everything across. Out of the 256gb, I only have 129gb free and I haven’t yet installed all my apps.

Now on to iOS 10. This is all new to me and I am on a learning curve. I am sure there are some bugs, in particular the iPhone 7 Plus was having some issues holding on to the mobile signal and kept showing every few minutes “no service”. This is worrying as I have a Three signal booster in the house. It should be maximum reception at all times. I will wait until I use the phone outside of my signal booster to see if it registers properly/differently on the Three network. I think this is a wifi bug as the connection held perfectly when I turned wifi off on the iPhone.

While the phone was syncing and downloading apps, I set up the Apple Watch series 2. It is faster than the original watch but not night and day faster. The Apple Watch is such a geeky piece of tech but also fun to use. Apple Pay on the watch is damn cool. Watch OS3 is such an improvement over the previous versions too.

I had a play with the camera, trying out some test shots and using some third party photo apps too. The camera shows a lot of promise. Is it better than the S7 or Note 7? I will answer that soon. In terms of audio, the iPhone 7 Plus is better than the S7 or Note 7 in every aspect – loudspeaker, wired headphones and bluetooth. I connected my Oppo PM-3 using the dongle to the lightning port, and the sound was excellent. Listening to music via my B & O Beoplay H5 over bluetooth was really superb too.

One thing I noticed is just how many more apps I have on iOS than android. Also gaming on iOS is so much smoother. The iPhone 7 Plus is so fast to use in real world usage. I will be testing my iOS game controller at some point as well.

I need to sort out my homes screen layout and folders in terms of positioning and content.Everything is not perfectly organised yet.

So my first 4 hours have been a mix of enjoyment, frustration, and learning the iOS way and getting used to the new home button!

All in all its a positive experience so far and I hope one that continues passed the honeymoon period.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 – Fitness Tracking at its best?

Samsung Gear Fit 2

Welcome to my review of the Samsung Gear Fit 2. This is Samsung’s updated fitness tracker from the original Gear Fit which I reviewed along with 18 other devices. Click HERE to re read any of the previous reviews.

Key Specifications

– Display 1.5” Touch Curved sAMOLED 216 x 432
– Memory RAM: 512MB / Storage: 4GB
– Battery 200mAh / Typical usage time : 3~4 days /Standby time : Up to 5 days /GPS battery time : Up to 9 hours
– Sensor GPS, HR, Accelerometer, Gyro, Barometer
– AP Dual-core (1GHz Dual)
– Compatibility Android 4.4/ 1.5GB RAM
– Water Resistant IP68
– Small Size fits wrists – 125 – 170mm
– Large Size fits wrists – 155 – 210mm
– Weight 29g

Main Review

The Gear Fit 2 includes a built-in GPS so that you track your running route, distance and speed in real time. It also has a built in heart rate sensor so whether your running, walking, cycling or elliptical training the Gear Fit 2 has you covered. Check out the video review to see all the different exercise options. The 1.5 inch display is excellent and shows all your stats needed as you workout. The Gear Fit 2 comes with a number of different watch faces, some are customisable too. The Gear Fit 2 comes in black, pink and blue. I have a black Gear Fit 2 in large. I would recommend large for most people. Samsung have added a feature called Together, which is one on one comparison with another person. S Health app is needed for this too. You can also connect a pair of bluetooth headphones and stream music from the Gear Fit 2.

Overall the Gear Fit 2 is really polished affair.

Now check out the video review, which reveals more information from the app and fitness tracker, watch faces, options and lot’s more.


Samsung have excelled themselves with the Gear Fit 2. It is ultra comfortable to wear and is easy to understand and operate. It also is accurate and works really well. Recommended.

For the more info and the latest pricing on Amazon –

Video Review

Withings Activite Steel – Swiss Styled Watch with Activity Tracking / 8 months battery – Review


Welcome to my review of the Withings Activite Steel watch. The key features are –

– Automatic activity tracking – Steps, runs, swims (water resistant – 50m) and calories burned
– Sleep monitoring – Sleep cycle analysis (light and deep sleep) plus silent vibrating alarm
– Automatic synchronisation – Visualise trends and data on your smartphone with the free Health Mate app available on iOS and android
– Premium materials – Stainless steel, chrome hands, silicon sport strap
No charging – Up to 8-month battery life

The Withings Activite Steel smartwatch is a breeze to setup. You download the Health Mate app, and follow the simple instructions. I was all setup within 5 mins. Syncing is done periodically during the day using Bluetooth Low Energy. This is an analogue, swiss style watch. The watch strap is easily removable with a built in slide pin. Withings sell leather straps made from quality Barenia leather from Haas Tanneries, the supplier of the finest French Haute Couture houses. Choice of black or tawny brown colours. A single leather strap is £100. The silcone strap is also replaceable with other colour straps. Withings sell a 3 pack of coloured silicone straps for £25. The colours are orange, plum and teal.

The watch has a dial for the hands and minute hands. The other dial moves from 0 to 100% of step target. On the app you set how many steps is you goal. The Health Mate app displays a whole range of data.


The Health Mate app is elegantly designed, displays all your data, auto tracks exercises and shows the data for that exercise. GPS is not included.


You can share your data, get competitive with friends and view different stats over various time periods.


The first thing I noticed is the comfort of the strap. Next the watch size is much smaller than expected. In fact, I decided it was too small to look at on my wrist and lost interest in wearing it. In my mind a watch that is meant to look like a watch, needs to look cool and smart first. However, I think changing the strap for orange or black leather would be a better choice. I cannot believe this doesn’t need charging and lasts 8 months. This takes all the pain out of charging a tracker. In fact it never needs charging. It uses a standard watch battery which you replace after 8 months. Again, my main issue is the watch costs around £139 but just doesn’t look expensive enough. There is a Sapphire version which does look smarter. Some people will prefer the smaller size watch face. The strap is 18mm.

Despite its size, it is a wonderful activity / sleep tracker. I love how the analogue dial moves round showing you the percentage of your goal. Your step goal is set in the app. This is the first tracker that I didn’t feel the need to know my actual number of steps. This is shown when you open the app. I also like the simplicity of the watch. One last option is a silent alarm. Notifications are not possible.


For me the negatives were its small watch face and strap which made it look wrong on my wrist. For others this could be ok. As a tracking it worked well.

More info & latest pricing on Amazon UK