Nokia 9 Pureview – A Photographer’s First Impressions + Camera Samples

Welcome to my Nokia 9 Pureview, a Photographer’s First Impressions.

The Key Features

The Nokia 9 Pureview features 5 rear cameras with Zeiss optics. Each of the five cameras automatically adopt the optimal settings for various parts of the scene and then fused into a single HDR photo with texture and detail from both the shadows and the highlights. All 5 cameras shoot simultaneously.

The five cameras create an incredibly accurate depth map of your image. This gives you ultimate focal control when editing the photo long after the shot is taken. Up to 1,200 layers of depth are captured.

So now sit back and enjoy the first impressions which include –

– Full Camera UI
– System UI
– Audio Test
– Camera Samples
– Current Pro & Cons Demonstrated

Video Review

Useful Links

Latest pricing on Nokia 9 and cases on Amazon UK – click HERE.


4 thoughts on “Nokia 9 Pureview – A Photographer’s First Impressions + Camera Samples

  1. Impressive review! Thanks for your dedication!

    I write to ask for a more general question about what smartphone to buy, I thought you may could help me.
    I am looking for a phone with a good loudspeaker. I wear hearing aids which doesn’t allow me to listen to music with headphones so I value a lot the sound quality of the speakers. I have listened to an iphone X and I liked the clarity of the sound, also the camera is great too. But I was wondering if there is something better or equally good and maybe also cheaper.
    I also like that the camera of the phone to be great and sometimes I don’t find both qualities together.
    Could you give me some phone suggestions?
    Thank you very much !!


  2. Gav. Great review as always. Quick question.
    With all the troubles you’ve had so far would you recommend waiting before purchasing ?
    Got one on pre order with clove which is due to ship late next week. It wouldn’t be my main device and I’m mainly buying it for the camera.
    Cheers !

    Liked by 1 person

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