Roku Press Paws – a pet friendly remote

Today, 29th March, Roku is introducing a new product to its streaming portfolio.Roku Press Paws is a pet-friendly streaming remote designed specifically for pets to enhance their TV experience.

For full details and product video, please visit

· Animal-Themed Shortcut Buttons: Ergonomic shortcut buttons get your dog to their favourite shows faster, giving them direct access to pet-themed channels including Animal Planet, where they can catch the latest “Evan Goes Wild” episode, and The Pet Collective on The Roku Channel, where they can watch hours of clips, entertaining memes, and funniest animal videos

· Bark Assistant Technology: The Press Paws remote works seamlessly with your Roku player or Roku TV and features “Bark Assistant Technology.” Various commands are at your pet’s disposal, like bark-to-play, bark-to-pause (for emergency bio breaks) and bark-to-mute

· Built in Sub-WOOFer: We built a Sub-WOOFer into the Press Paws Remote that produces very high frequencies, so your hound’s sound is happy in the home

The Roku Press Paws Remote will be available for purchase in the UK for £19.99 via starting 1st April 2019.

Happy Streaming! Grab yours on Amazon UK


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