HTC U11 – Audio Review + Best Headphones To Use + vs LG V20, DFR & more

HTC U11 in Solar Red with 6gb ram and 128gb storage. The best version of the HTC U11. It is also dual sim.

But for this review, I am going to look at the following –

– HTC U11 Audio Review including the HTC uSonic Noise Cancellation Headset

– The Best Headphones to use with the HTC U11

– Bluetooth Quality

– HTC U11 vs LG V20

– HTC U11 vs Dragonfly Red and other DACS

– And my overall conclusion.

The Audio Review

I also have two additional posts on the HTC U11 –

HTC U11 solar red vs iPhone 7 Plus Product Red

HTC U11 Review incl Camera Review
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8 thoughts on “HTC U11 – Audio Review + Best Headphones To Use + vs LG V20, DFR & more

  1. Hi Gavin.
    This was an excellent review, It’s refreshing to see someone review the more relevant aspects of a device rather than just focusing on size of the bezels as most reviewers do recently.
    I would really like your opinion please on something I have been deliberating.
    I currently own a HTC 10 and am thinking of upgrading to either HTC U11 or Sony Xperia XZ1. Great headphone audio performance is essential for me so I would like to hear your opinion on which is the better device. Most of the music I listen to comes by way of Deezer although I do have quite a few FLAC files loaded onto my phone.
    For information I use both Sony MDR-1A over ear headphones (48 ohms) and Onkyo E700M earphones (32 ohms). Which device would you suggest is best for driving these?

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Dean, thanks for your feedback, appreciated. As to which phone, TBH I would stick with the HTC 10. The HTC U11 is a better option over the XZ1 but you’ll need to use the HTC USB C to 3.5mm adapter dongle that’s supplied in the box. In fact, after testing it, you may want to spend £9 on the Google Store and get the dongle sold for the Pixel 2 as its slightly better. The HTC 10 has a much better amp section than both.


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