HTC U11 Review plus Camera Review & Showcase

Welcome to my review of the HTC U11 including a camera showcase. This is the top model of the HTC U11 in solar red, dual sim and with 6gb ram and 128gb storage.

In addition I have two additional posts covering the HTC U11 –

HTC U11 solar red vs iPhone 7 Plus Product Red
HTU U11 Full Audio Review incl best headphones to use & comparison with LG V20 & DACs

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10 thoughts on “HTC U11 Review plus Camera Review & Showcase

  1. This is what makes people 2nd guess reviews I previously asked about the Pixel and you say the phone didn’t have a dual lens camera,it’s boring, but then we get praise on the the HTC U11 when you can never make me believe the U11 had better software than the pure Android on the Pixel the both have single cameras big bezels and me personally I believe the Pixel has the better Camera it’s hard to give people reviews when everything isn’t reviewed I really like everything you do Gavin I really love the site but it’s things like this as a viewer makes me question reviews I haven’t ever owned a U11 nor will I I have owed just about every Samsung smartphone that has been put into existence and a couple iPhones along the way we hear so much from lots of people about the iPhone 6 plus,6s plus,7 plus about the camera people that goes to you tube or goes to a website need help spending their money the should get truthfull unbiased reviews and in most cases they are not (I’m not saying your doing this) it just puzzles me when asked about the Pixel it’s boring and doesn’t offer much when in reality when it came to the market it offered more than Samsung and Apple yes it didn’t have a dual lens camera but as of right it’s proving to be a gimmick and single lens cameras still have better cameras I’m sure it definitely the way of the future but when you praise one you have to praise the other


    1. Thanks for taking the time to share your views. I would ask that next time you please post using your proper name, as you are not Michael. I dont mind if you have a different opinion, life would be boring if everyone agreed 🙂

      A phone isn’t all about the camera. Did you view the other video on the audio aspects? You seem to be declaring war from just the camera aspects..

      Whilst the pixel quality is very good on the U11, I believe we have gone away from worrying about pixel peeping. It is looking at what other aspects the camera can offer and what else the phone does. Pixel quality is important of course, but Dual lenses are the future, and it won’t be long before triple lenses arrive. Google need to get 2 years out of their current setup before they change it more than likely.

      Biased reviews tend to be where the devices have come from the manufacturer or PR company. The U11 I got was neither. So it was my honest view of the phone as a whole and you need to take in to account both videos.(main review and audio review). I also try to look at the review as if someone who bought this, what sort of experience as a whole would they experience and feel. The problem nowadays is most phones provide a decent experience, so people look at micro details to argue about. What matters is what features do you or the next person want etc not what everyone else wants.

      I dont know why you cant accept that some people will find the Pixel boring. For a start the hardware is as boring as the iPhone 7 Plus. Just compare it to the sexier S8+ or even this solar red HTC U11. Even the Honor 9 is better to look at.

      From a photography standpoint, I would use my iPhone 7 Plus over the U11/Pixel XL every day. The flexibility of the second lens, the additional camera options and huge third party apps are a winner for me. Plus we then get into the whole package of iOS etc… Plus I prefer more natural looking shots. Its my preference and my view.

      I have no qualm accepting you love your Pixel. That is a good thing. You take and share lovely photos from it, so enjoy it. Please try and enjoy other videos about different phones. We all love our tech, surely!

      And we all have different opinions.

      PS The iPhone 7 Plus is nearly a year old vs the U11, so that also has to be remembered .


  2. And talking about the Camera the amazing this is I don’t have to download 10-15 apps to take a very nice shot that’s what I’m saying and the pure Android experience with getting updates as soon as they are released means everything especially if your a Apple user that’s what we have all been told but now that Google had introduced the Pixel people contradict their statements in the past when the way I look at it is of my pixel is boring then there is a lot phones on the market that are boring including IOS because you can’t make me believe that if some took a Pixel or SO and really took the time to use it to the fullest of it’s ability that they would prefer IOS Android that’s what makes the Pixel is the software being pure Android being smooth and fast so studders or lag because if that’s the same thing that made the iPhone great wouldn’t it make the Pixel even better having fast updated smooth animations more productive and a better camera because I do believe Android has more to offer that IOS


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