OnePlus 5 – Camera Review – Flagship or Sunken Ship?

OnePlus 5 camera review. Clearer Photos. Working with DxOmark. These were the buzz words OnePlus 5 used at the launch. So if you say your phone has an epic camera it better deliver. So does the OnePlus 5 deliver?

Well after some extensive testing using the latest firmware 4.5.2 it does and at times it doesn’t. It is consistent and does pull off some masterstrokes. So lets delve deeper.

Auto Mode

Press the shutter button and you will get a good shot. Focus is good. Overall exposure is good.

2 x Lossless Zoom

In my testing this works very well as shown in the video review below.

Low Light

Struggles a bit producing grain and noise but from firmware 4.5.1 to 4.5.2 , low light has improved. Also using the Google Camera app improved all photo results, so I would imagine more firmwares will improve low light. However, as there is a high pixel count, you can crop more on all modes. I love this ability to be able to crop and still have pixels to spare.


If you have the time, the 31mb RAW files hold a lot more data and you can really improve a shot. Helpful in low light scenarios.

Front Camera

Photos are surprising ok. The front screen selfie flash works well. Front video is fairly good too and has auto focus tracking so long as there is a face to track.


Use a different camera app. The default app is awful.Really awful!

Rear Video

4K and 1080p at 60fps is wobbly as hell if holding handheld. 1080p at 30fps uses EIS and looks good.


Phone takes 20 shots in about 1-2 seconds. It is very fast and has great results. The phone had no issues taking in focus shots of my 3 dogs running. I took over 200 burst shots of my 3 dogs. All were in focus. See video review samples.


In reasonable light, the camera in auto takes and locks focus fast.


Excellent results with this mode.

Camera Review


Overall, the OnePlus 5 can take some great photos and video. I was impressed by the results with the modes that worked well. Those that didn’t aren’t worth using until the software is updated or you use a different camera app to achieve the result.

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10 thoughts on “OnePlus 5 – Camera Review – Flagship or Sunken Ship?

  1. Thx a lot for this video I like it so much.

    Please if you can, after several updates please make camera review again
    I hope they will fix it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. No OIS is a deal breaker for me (and one that can’t be fixed with software).

    EIS doesn’t do it for me – it crops the frame and is terrible in low light.


    1. OIS will eventually be removed from all phones as EIS & software processing will negate the need for it. I’m hoping future firmwares improve low light more but in reality I don’t think the pixel size is big enough in the OP5 hardware setup.


      1. You really think? Even if EIS tech gets better in low light, you still get less of the frame (that’s the only way EIS can work). When I’m taking a video I want as much of the frame as possible.
        I hope OIS never goes away


      2. No doubt it will get better, but OIS + EIS will always be better than EIS on its own.



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