iOS 11 Public Beta – My Experience & Should you install it? 

iOS 11 Public Beta 1, my experiences so far using my iPad 10.5 and iPhone 7 Plus. 

So yesterday I backed up on my MacBook and iPhone 7 Plus to iTunes on my Mac, and then archived the backup. Then it was full steam ahead and installed the 2 iOS 11betas, one on my iPad 10.5 and the other on my iPhone 7 Plus. 

So what is iOS 11 like? In one word, awesome. The extra functionality and features, the new visuals and faster speed is incredible. The iPad is a new machine. The iPhone has improved features in the camera. Live Photos take on a new purpose with loop, bounce and long exposure effects. These are such good fun to use. 

It’s so easy to make the water silky now using the Live Photo long exposure mode. Too easy really.  The control centre takes some getting used to, but at least it’s customisable. However, there are some things I don’t like but it’s early days and it’s the first Public Beta. 

So should you install iOS Public Beta. My advice is no. Any 32 bit apps and games you have won’t open now unless the developer updates them. In reality many won’t get updated or the developer may offer a new version that you might have to purchase. In my case I lost about 20 games across both devices. 

Next several installed apps don’t work properly. Insta360 has issues with exporting the video. WordPress has suddenly stopped working full screen. It only works on a split screen. Very weird. There are random oddities. Apple’s own apps have bugs too. 

However, I’m ok with running the Beta due to the wealth of new features. There are so many new features!


5 thoughts on “iOS 11 Public Beta – My Experience & Should you install it? 

  1. Since I installed this I have a weird issue with charging, even though my cables and charger are Apple certified. First time I plug the cable in I get a message that says the accessory is not supported. If I unplug and then reinsert the cable it works once. The next time I go to charge I keep getting the error message. The only solution is to switch to a different charger, insert, unplug and then reinsert. Again I can only do this procedure once and have to switch back to the first charger the next time. Other than this it works well. Bizarre!


    1. Hi Graham. Question for you. Are the cables “really” certified. There has been a lot of cables sold that said they were , when in fact they weren’t. Or it could just be one of several bugs on the Beta.


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