Samsung Pay launches in the UK – List of Banks and Phones accepted plus major feature missing

So Samsung launched Samsung Pay in the UK yesterday. This was a day of celebration that turned rapidly sour for several reasons.

Firstly, Samsung Pay is only launching with 3 banks.

Not all is lost as you can use it instead of your Oyster travel card. It is also compatible with the following phones and places.

But the problem with Samsung Pay is two fold. Firstly, you have to decide whether to use Android Pay or Samsung Pay as your default payment system. Why would you pick Samsung over Android Pay which accepts so many more banks and is Google’s own system?.

Secondly, and this really is a big point, Samsung Pay has a major advantage over Apple and Android Pay. It works not only at terminals with a contactless machine but also on the machines without contactless that use the magnetic strip system. That meant Samsung Pay could be used anywhere. However, Samsung decided the UK didn’t need the MST feature and turned it off. WTF Samsung!!


2 thoughts on “Samsung Pay launches in the UK – List of Banks and Phones accepted plus major feature missing

  1. Ah well – there goes any selling point over Google then. Was interested in the MST feature for more widespread use but this looks like a half hearted launch here so will stick with Android Pay (and a non-Samsung device :p )

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    1. In fairness, just having 3 banks at launch isn’t too bad. Apple has just launched Apple Pay today in Italy with just 3 banks. Its the MST feature that doesn’t make sense being missing which was Samsung’s ace hand. Well not anymore in the UK.


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