Tech Addicts Podcasts – It’s Live – Note 7 FE (Fire Edition) and More


Tech Addicts Podcast is back again with a new episode starring Gareth Myles, Jay Garrett, Leila Gregory, Brendan Arndt and myself. Tech Addicts is released every week. Twitter: @garethmyles ; @gavinfabiani ; @GadgetyNewsCom ; @JayGarrett ; @swanny ; @girlsngadgets ; @wildlime

To listen to the latest episode subscribe by searching “Tech Addicts” within your favourite podcast app, iTunes, Google Play Music Podcasts or use the URL “” to add directly.

To listen now, hit the play button below –


5 thoughts on “Tech Addicts Podcasts – It’s Live – Note 7 FE (Fire Edition) and More

  1. Gavin. I expect a full day from current experience. Not using Iris scanner and always on display which probably helps. Only have one email account under sync. Switch from Note 5 was very smooth and S Notes converted without issues. Now need to find a decent screen protector. The Note 7 Led and S View cases don’t work which is why Samsung have included a free Clear View case.

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