This is the Samsung Galaxy S8 – and its got four massive problems – specs and more


Evan Blass released information last night claiming the above is the new Samsung Galaxy S8.

So whats new about the Samsung Galaxy S8. For starters there will be 2 screen sizes, 5.8 and 6.2 inches QHD Super amoled screens as there are no navigation buttons. The display will incorporate these. The aspect ratio is 18:5:9, not 16:9. The processor with either be an Exynos or Snapdragon 835 depending on region. Both will have 10nm fabrication making them faster than last years models. They will feature a 3,000 or 3,500mAh battery, 4gb ram, 64gb storage, micro SD card support and USB Type C. The headphone jack is still present.

The camera is still 12mp f/1.7 on the rear and the front is upgraded from 5mp to 8mp f/1.7. Iris scanning , first seen on the explosive Note 7 will be present too. There will be a dock that makes it provide a desktop view to a screen, Bixby its own assistant with a hardware button to activate and force touch will be available on the screen.

However there are 4 problems –

– First is the price. This will be 100 euros more than last years S7 models.
– The Finger Print sensor is now on the rear but next to the camera. This is such a bad spot in terms of reachability
– The camera – no rear dual camera setup. Samsung have stuck to the same camera from last year, although it will have had some minor improvements. However, having used many dual lens camera setups, I believe this is the future and Samsung’s option is so last year.
– There is no Samsung logo on the body of the phone. That is because it is hard coded on the front screen, at the top with the words- SAMSUNG – WTF.

Finally, you will have to wait a long time for the S8. It won’t be available until later in April 2017.

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12 thoughts on “This is the Samsung Galaxy S8 – and its got four massive problems – specs and more

  1. If these really are S8s then they don’t appeal to me at all. One of the things I really like about my S6 is the home button. One press to wake up phone and unlock with fingerprint recognition. Two presses to open camera: so convenient. Three presses for one-handed mode: not as good as iPhone double-tap but it does work.

    I would rather get an S7 Edge if I go the Samsung route again. There are some good deals around if you don’t mind not having the latest thing.

    I’m tempted by the dual camera thing but I think low light performance is more important to me. Hopefully a phone with both will come soon.


    1. I’m in pretty much the same boat as you Graham. I’ve had an S6 since launch and I love it (apart from the battery life!). I was hoping the S8 would be a bigger step up than this, which in some ways seems like a step backwards.

      There is definitely an opportunity here for LG to significantly undercut the S8 and have specs that are just as good.

      If the new G6 looks good I think I’ll get it (though the camera will have to be top notch – including video).

      Otherwise, if I change phones at all, I might go for the S7 edge.

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      1. Yes, what were they thinking when they gave it such a small battery? 🤔 I’ve got used to carrying a powerbank around but it would be nice to ditch it.


  2. I’d wait until we get validated info not rumours. I think we’ll see iris scanning as well which on the Note 7 was super quick. The OnePlus 3 has a capacitive home button, which better than a physical button one my Note 5.


      1. Yes but you need to balance good features with what appear to be less good. We don’t have all the facts.


  3. I’ve been gradually getting less and less bothered about having the newest phones over the last few years and the S8 pretty much shows why. It’s not fixing any problems, it’s not better than my S7 (or probably S6) in any meaningful way and it seems as if they’re just changing things for the sake of change.

    I think it’s budget phones for me from here on out. Why pay £500+ for something that is only slightly better than something that costs £200!?

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    1. I think the only reason to go flagship these days is the camera. Camera is crucial to me as I snap photos and videos of my kids all the time. I want these to be the best they can be.
      If the camera was so important to me (it’s waaaay out there as my number 1 priority) I would see no reason to go for a flaghip these days (I don’t do gaming or anything like that).

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