Lindy CROMO IEM-75 – Dual Driver In-Ear Monitors Headphones – review

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Welcome to my review of the Lindy CROMO IEM-75 Dual Driver in ear monitor headphones.

Key Specifications

Driver Diameter: 15 and 7mm (dual driver)

• Frequency Response: 8-20kHz
• Impedance: 26 Ohm
• Sensitivity (S.P.L.): 105dB ±3dB(@1kHz with 1mW input)
• Nominal THD: <3% (@1kHz with 1mW input)
• Max. Power Input: 50mW
• Cable Length: 1.2m (0.85m to split, 0.35m from split to each earpiece)
• Connector: 3.5mm stereo
• Weight: 16g

Main Review

The Lindy CROMO IEM-75 dual driver design has been developed to deliver a more spacious and defined sound. Each earpiece contains a 15mm driver for bass and midrange and a 7mm driver for high frequencies, which are then tuned within the acoustic chamber to deliver high quality and accurate sound. The housing is a black chrome aluminium enclosure, which offers rigidity for the drivers when playing music. What is impressive is the price. Just £69.98.

In the box there are 3 sizes of super-soft ear tips. The CROMO IEM-75 comes with an attached 1.2 m cable, which is terminated with a 3.5 mm gold-plated stereo jack plug. Also included within the box is a carry pouch to protect the CROMO IEM- 75’s when not in use. The headphone cable is thin and not user replaceable.

I tested the Lindy in ear headphones using my Samsung Galaxy S7 and also using a headphone amplifier – the Oppo HA-2 and iBasso D14 Bushmaster. The good news is these in-ear monitors are relatively easy to drive straight from my Samsung Galaxy S7, but like all headphones using a dedicated amplifier adds extra control, finesse and drama. Lindy classify these as in ear monitors with a dual driver setup. One driver for the mid and bass, and the other for the treble. Listening to a range of genres, the CROMO IEM-75 have a distinctive characteristic that allows for the mid and treble to flourish without the bass killing the music. These are tonally accurate and at times feel like a little bass light. However, not everyone wants over processed thumping bass. With modern pop, rock, classical, jazz and blues the Lindy headphones were engaging, with nuances coming out in the tracks that I had not heard before. The sound stage was reasonable too. I enjoyed listening to these for hours on end.

For more information visit Lindy Headphones.


The Lindy CROMO IEM-75 add to Lindy’s affordable headphone range, offering good value and sounding headphones. These are recommended for those that desire in-ear monitor sound and not an over processed bass heavy headphone.

Video Review


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      1. I ordered mine late evening on Sunday after hours for i could only choose DHL from the mobile online shop. Seems to have arrived a day early based on DHL predicted delivery date of next Tuesday. Despatched AM UAE time yesterday. I may try to pick up from sorting office tomorrow.


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