Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Camera Shootout – Part 2

Yesterday, I published part 1 of my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge camera comparison which involved comparing the S7 Edge photos to those from the Apple iPhone 6S Plus.

So today I am going to look at shots taken on the S7 Edge and add some commentary. If you won’t to view the originals, click on the photo and select full size. Don’t forget to allow a bit of time for all the shots to appear.

Burst Shots

The two photos below are from a burst photo. Each vehicle was a separate burst. I actually ended up performing this test on 6 different cars but the results were identical. I wanted to see how many shots of the vehicle I could capture as a car drove passed in the frame of the S7 Edge. Worst case was 14 in focus shots of the vehicles up to 19. That’s right all the burst shots for each vehicle were in focus. As you can see it is not a bright day either. Really impressive.

High Speed Bursts #SamsungS7Edge

High Speed Bursts #SamsungS7Edge


The close up of the leaf is superb. Not much more to say other than if you recall yesterday was a day of strong winds so quick focusing was really needed!

Scenes around St Michael's Church, Meeth, Devon #SamsungS7Edge

Random Shots of St Michael’s Church, Meeth, Devon

Some random shots of the church. The colours are a little over saturated, except the gravestone was really that green!

Scenes around St Michael's Church, Meeth, Devon #SamsungS7Edge

Scenes around St Michael's Church, Meeth, Devon #SamsungS7Edge

Scenes around St Michael's Church, Meeth, Devon #SamsungS7Edge

Scenes around St Michael's Church, Meeth, Devon #SamsungS7Edge

Bull & Dragon Pub

The Bull & Dragon Pub is next door to the church literally. Here is the sign against a backdrop of awkward sky lighting. I like this photo.

Bull & Dragon #SamsungS7Edge

Overall some good shots from the S7 Edge camera.


9 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Camera Shootout – Part 2

  1. I think that everyone one one of the Samsung Phones over Saturate the pictures note 5 does s6 does I would rather of a camera just to pull out a take a photo and it look like the real sene rather then it not


  2. Samsung does over saturate but not the to the extent that some people think plus everyone wants to talk over saturation but everyone tries to enhance their photos to be over saturated

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  3. About burst mode. S7 produces 12mp whereas the s6 if I recall you correctly was only 2MP.

    How would procamera fare. When you just got the plus you said that you had to get closer to the dogs when they were running around. That cropping from a distance would not create sharp enough photos. This suggests an inconsistency to auto focus at infinity with a moving subject.

    What if with procamera, you set focus to infinity, shutter to 1/1000. Subject would, in theory, already be in focus and remain so as you will be further than 2m away and shutter fast enough to freeze motion. The only thing would be how many frames you could get and their resolution.

    To really test the PDAF of the s7 I think it requires a subject that is somewhere in between 1m and more. Say George walking or running across the frame. The more of the frame the subject takes up the harder those dual pixels have to work, the faster the shutter has to be. Or a subject moving in a circle, coming towards and away then towards etc will work focus pretty hard.

    How many in focus shots could the s7 capture in that scenario. And how will the iPhone and g5 cope.


    1. I will do some more tests with ProCamera . If you go back to Part 2 from yesterday I snapped 6 cars using burst. Each frame with the car moving left to right across the frame or right to left managed 14-19 in focus shots on the S7.


      1. Seen you latest uploads on Flickr. The dogs are pretty close and focus looks good.

        What surprised me was how far behind was also in sharp focus, dof, stretched at least ten metres behind them. F1.7 it may be but with that sensor size means creating any distance witnh the subject blows up dof quite a bit.

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