@ThreeUK – Make it Terribly Wrong with an appalling attitude

For the past month or so Three UK has been sending letters out to all its customers on ALL You Can Eat Plans, advising that the old plans have ended and that you need to move to a newer plan.

I received my letter yesterday. The letter itself is a bit of an insult as it says my £16 per month contract is an old plan and no longer exists. Instead I will need to go to a newer plan and their recommendation was a plan costing £30 per month. But don’t worry as a loyal customer this included a £3 discount. This is for a sim only deal, no phone. And if I do nothing, in April they will move me automatically to the new plan.

So I phoned Three UK and politely spoke to an adviser for as long as I could. I spent 20 mins on the phone. It was like haggling for goods when it should not have been this way. I am a very long standing customer of Three UK. My usage is 5gb data, 75 talk mins and 5 texts per month. Not exactly a heavy user.

So I was eventually offered for £20 (this took 15 mins) 12gb data, 200 talk mins, unlimited texts, 2,000 Three to Three minutes. Does this sound like a good deal? Actually its just the price of one of their standard plans, no loyalty discount. Add insult to injury, I know of several people who got offered 600 talk mins instead of 200 mins for £20 per month. In fact, some people even got unlimited minutes for the same price.

So I kept pushing the point, politely that I should and would agree to continue at £20 per month but with 600 minutes, just like many of my friends had. Sadly their was no budging on the deal. And then came the biggest insult. The customer service person stated “We have done you a favour for the last 2 years by keeping you on a plan that doesn’t exist anymore” A favour!!! What a bloody cheek. I explained my discontent with that remark and that I had often been left with zero signal at home due to the mast being offline.

I had 2 reasons for pushing for the extra minutes of talk time. One was because it had been offered and accepted by my friends and two because I just wanted piece of mind.

So I asked to speak to a supervisor and got put through to complaints in Glasgow. After 2 mins, the lady explained there wasn’t prepared to discuss case any further, and that she was closing the complaint without my agreement!!

I then got a thank you text for my complaint!

So @ThreeUK, this is what you call shafting customers before your merger with O2 goes ahead. You confirmed to the monopolies and mergers commission that you wouldn’t be raising prices once merged, that’s because you will have shafted all your customers beforehand. The #makeitright slogan really should read #makeitwrong!

In reality all the mergers achieve is price increases for customers as there is no more competition. Sad really.

10 thoughts on “@ThreeUK – Make it Terribly Wrong with an appalling attitude

  1. I’m okay at the moment with 3 but that doesn’t mean I am safe.
    My SIM deal is:- All-you-can-eat Data, All-you-can-eat Texts, 600 mins and 4GB Personal Hotspot. That costs me £23.
    I am also lucky that I have a mast pretty close that provides a 4G connection of 38Mbps ‘inside my home’ so it has come in handy on several occasions when good old BT FIber has let me down (four times last month with one lasting 8 hours where nigh-on the entire UK network failed).

    In the meantime ~ I’ll sit here with my fingers crossed and six times a day I will face the mast, get down on my hands and knees and pray nothing changes!!!


  2. I have yet to receive my letter. Similar position to Mike, although I do not get 4G inside my home. I feel I ought to move out of principal but EE looks like the only other decent option although more expensive. Almost tempted to go onto a contract with a handset for the simple fact there is little price difference on some now.


    1. WOW Jon, a contract for you…… I would never have put a bet on that.
      But I can understand your logic. I just do not like anything which ties me down. Even the SIM deal I am on is the slightly more expensive monthly rolling.


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