Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Day Two Impressions

Another 24 hours has whizzed along and my thoughts on the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge have altered slightly.

I mentioned in my first impressions yesterday that I was having issues with the camera failing to open. Well since I swapped out the 200gb Sandisk Class 10 micro SD card for a 64gb Class 10 Sandisk micro SD card the problem has not arisen yet. However, in a conversation with Samsung Engineers, this is being widely reported as a problem and the solution is unknown currently. I was asked to return my phone for a replacement.

I have had more time with the camera and today posted some more shots. So far the camera has been fairly consistent but it does over saturate the shots, sometimes far too much. Last night I took a lot of photos in the dark and at dusk and did a comparison with the Apple iPhone 6S Plus. I need to pixel peep at these photos and by Monday I will have the 4th part of the Samsung S7 Edge comparison completed. The fourth part also used the Pro Mode with a tripod.

Battery life seems to be holding up well with at least five hours screen on time so far. The positives so far are the screen, the Gear VR experience, good audio quality via the headphone output and via bluetooth audio, the software tweaks made by Samsung and general usability. Overall everything works really well. The always on display is too bright and I have started to turn it off whilst watching TV. It is also poor for notifications as it only displays notifications from Samsung apps. So as a clock it works well.

This phone is a finger print magnet and I am keep having to wipe them off. It is also fairly slippery so a case is a must. Currently I am using a Samsung Official Clear Back cover case. I would rather have a leather back cover, but Samsung has not got these to market yet.

Another minor issue, but still something that happens, is unwanted screen taps, or activating the capacitive buttons by accident. There is just so little bezel.

I will be looking at the gaming options shortly and see if the phone really does stop notifications disturbing gameplay. I like the sound of the “game mode” and all the others aspects it provides.

I have owned nearly all the previous Samsung phones, but I do think so far based on my current usage that the S7 Edge is one of Samsung’s best. The flow between the gorgeous hardware and its software is so refined. However, it is about to face some really tough competition from a few new flagship releases so it will be interesting if it can still maintain its top ranking.

4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Day Two Impressions

  1. The unwanted screen taps does not surprise me.This certainly was the case with the s6e’s and surprisingly even the note 5. If you ran your finger around the edge of the screen it did not take much to launch an app by accident. The regular s6 however did not have such a problem.

    Will decreasing screen sensitivity help. This can be counter productive.

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