Photo filters – Do they make a difference? LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Below are 2 photos of the same scene, taken with 2 different phones. First shot is taken with the LG G4.

Inside Foggintor Tor #LGG4 #Dartmoor

The same scene but taken using the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Foggintor Quarry and nearby areas #Dartmoor #S6Edge

Now the original shots from each show were superb. I’ll be honest, the G4 snapped a better shot, however the difference was so marginal with this particular scene. If you owned either phone you would have been really happy with your photo.

But does the quality matter if you apply a filter. For this test I have used 2 different photo apps to make the comparison deliberately harder. The first shot taken with the G4 was edited in Snapseed using the HDRscape filter. The second shot taken with the S6 Edge was edited in Adobe Photoshop Express using the Autumn filter.

So which shot do you prefer? And does the quality really matter now?

Below is the original from the G4.


And now the original from the S6 Edge.


Has your preference changed?

4 thoughts on “Photo filters – Do they make a difference? LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

  1. To my eyes both Samsung shots look more natural, though a bit underexposed, which I think is typical of Samsung Auto exposure. The LG shots look a bit too saturated, especially the greens.


  2. Agree with Paul – although without being there its hard to know which is more accurate I guess. Also most reviews state the G4 is more more colour accurate so would find it strange that these prove otherwise – unless the photos are the wrong way around of course :p


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