LG G4 – A selection of 50 photos

I have now finished uploading my G4 photos to my flickr account. There are now 50 photos to examine.

So click here – https://www.flickr.com/photos/gavinfabl100/sets/72157652876197995

Some sample shots from the album –

Happy Families on Dartmoor – This shot is very popular with nearly 13,000 views

Happy Families - Life on Dartmoor #LGG4

Doggies in action x 2 – Without a doubt the next 2 photos are my favourite shots of my dogs

George smiles for the camera as Fury flies above, poor Tiggy lags behind #LGG4

Bionic Dog aka Tiggy

Summer in my village

Enter before village vanishes #Princetown #Dartmoor #LGG4 #B&W

Red Telephone Box – A Colour Pop shot

Pick up the Phone - The Red Box at Princetown, Dartmoor #LGG4 #ColourSpectrumSensor

Water Droplets

Random macro shots snapped with the new #LGG4

Burrator Reservoir Waterfall – Long Exposure

Burrator Reservoir and Waterfall #LGG4

Burrator Reservoir – Look at the stunning colour

Burrator Reservoir and Waterfall #LGG4

21st Century Transport

21st Century Transport - Horse riders at Burrator Reservoir, Dartmoor #LGG4

Flower Macro – using HDR too

Flowering beauties #LGG4 #closeup

Postbridge Bridge, Dartmoor

Postbridge Bridge, Dartmoor #LGG4

Clapper Bridge, Postbridge

Clapper Bridge, Postbridge, Dartmoor #LGG4

Macro shot – This is not a crop

Purplicious macros #LGG4

Exeter Cathedral Yard – Panoramic shot at 41mb. Created just to see how pano shots performed

Exeter Cathedral Yard Panoramic shot #LGG4 #40mb

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