LG G4 – More Camera Samples

The weather on Dartmoor has been a mixed bag over the last few days, making it difficult to take photographs.

Anyway below are a selection of camera shots snapped so far by the LG G4.

Below is a view from the summit of Hartland Tor, Dartmoor.

Views from the summit of Hartland Tor, Dartmoor #LGG4

This is also from Hartland Tor summit, but from the East side.

Views from the summit of Hartland Tor, Dartmoor #LGG4

Below is a crop from a dandelion. Lots of detail here.

Dandelion plus crop highlighting detail from #LGG4

Happy Families – Life on Dartmoor is one of my most popular photos I have ever uploaded to Flickr.

Happy Families - Life on Dartmoor #LGG4

Merivale, Dartmoor. The original Tower Bridge in London was built using the granite from Merivale quarry, now abandoned.

Merivale, Dartmoor #LGG4

Example of a Panoramic shot.

Panoramic view from Dartmoor down towards Tavistock, Devon #LGG4

One of my favourite shots of my 3 dogs. Apart from George smiling, Fury’s (black dog) name tag is floating in the air. Amazing detail. And look at all the water droplets frozen mid air around the dogs.

George smiles for the camera as Fury flies above, poor Tiggy lags behind #LGG4

Lets not forget Tiggy. She is a bionic dog. Maybe she ate my breakfast below to give herself bionic powers.

Bionic Dog aka Tiggy

And I hope this is what you are all eating for breakfast 🙂

Honest it's a low calorie snack  #LGG4

3 thoughts on “LG G4 – More Camera Samples

  1. Those action shots of the dogs running through the water are incredible. Most point and shoots would struggle to capture that level of detail and sharpness on an action shot, and I really wouldn’t say that this is behind what my DSLR would produce (it’s not a great DSLR, but still!). Great shots, thanks for sharing.


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