Honor 6 – review – conclusion


So what do I think about this pocket rocket of a phone. Marvellous. If I did not have my Note 4, I would go for one of these. It is super nimble and has not shown me any issues.

The magazine style lock screen that changes the picture every time with lock screen controls is a neat touch. The settings and options are endless but in turn cater for everything I needed. All my specialist apps worked just fine.

The camera punched higher than I expected and I have taken some great photos. I also like some of the versatility and fun parts of the camera.

The android skin does not bother me whatsoever. I enjoy change and now I have seen the next version of the Emotion UI v3 and it is a much flatter improved design and look.

Using the Honor 6 has also made me wonder if a smaller size phone is a better option. I say this because my Note 4 dwarfs over in size and yet it is so much easier to use the Honor 6.

If you have any questions for me, please let me know. And if you want to know more head over to Amazon.

Amazon UK – Honor 6 deal

6 thoughts on “Honor 6 – review – conclusion

  1. Gav, it seems that Asian phone makers are continuing to drive prices down making this phone a real bargain, that said I wouldn’t buy as the external speaker is a bit weak and I don’t think its water resistant, but for many people its a great option.


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