Blast from the Past – Sony Ericsson M600i First Impressions


Sony Ericsson M600i – First Impressions written on 18th July 2007.

Below is a piece of editorial I wrote 8 years ago, and it shows how times have changed or not so.

“Yesterday afternoon I collected the M600i in beautiful ipod white. In fact it looks like an ipod so much so that I was asked whether I had the new Apple Mobile 3 times whilst commuting home.

The first thing that struck me is how small the device is and how wonderful the screen looks. I first uninstalled all my activesync software which ironically I could not get my Mini S to sync for the last time. It knew it was being fired. Then I had to install the Sony PC Management Suite and Update Service. The most up to date software is from Sony’s website. Next I had to reflash the firmware with the latest software. Well that’s all I had time to do last night. This morning I was able to sync all my contacts, calendar, tasks and notes to my M600i in about 3 minutes.

I have started to play around with the features and functions of the phone which are extensive. 3D Gaming, the graphics are simply stunning. Opera web browser and more. I have not been able yet to get activesync on the M600i working. I am not too worried as I currently have an o2 sim card which today will be replaced with a T-Mobile. The web browsing is excellent using Opera. I have had trouble entering passwords where the letter p was not allowed to be entered. I will reboot phone and try again, but only once I have the internet settings for T-Mobile. There is a superb music and video player. Album art is also displayed. I now need a Memory Stick Micro 1gb card. I cannot believe how small these memory cards are. Today I will investigate some of the try and buy software on the memory card and the included RSS Reader.

And finally test input via the qwerty keyboard, whereby each key does 2 letters is simply marvellous. Less space is used and one handed use is excellent. It also has handwriting recognition and on-screen keyboard. My task for today will be to read the manual and try to get what I need working. More soon.”

So this was July 2007 when I wrote this. A 1gb micro sd card was a highlight as was the keyboard and handwriting recognition. Samsung did not invent the S-Pen/Stylus 🙂

5 thoughts on “Blast from the Past – Sony Ericsson M600i First Impressions

  1. How strange. I was playing with my M600 and P990 just the other day. Also have ordered a P1i which has a similar keyboard. I find the keyboard very easy and natural.


    1. Great keyboard indeed. One of my all time favourite phones. I replaced the M600 with the Nokia E61i, which was good phone too but I never really felt the convex keys on that could hold a candle to the concave keys on the M600.

      I think the concept it had concave keys with double sided action was a high water mark for phone keyboards in terms of tactile feedback and speed. I hope they come back at some point.

      Pecking on a touchscreen does not cut it for me. Swiping is better – and the special keyboard mode on the Note 4 where you can to write letters with finger (or stylus) is even better. They just need to make it recognise characters a bit faster in that mode.


  2. I too had one of those. It was a nice phone, I loved the keys with their rocker functions and the large screen, for the time.
    I remember it was in the Bond remake of Casino Royal, used by the female agent/girlfriend of Daniel Craig’s Bond.
    It was a quirky device, a bit slow and prone to freezes as I remember it. I kept mine until 2013, when I sold off most of my old devices.


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