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Yotaphone 2 – Review – Conclusion

Today I am going to cover off my final thoughts on the Yotaphone 2.

The Yotaphone is without a shadow of a doubt one of the coolest piece of tech I have reviewed in ages. It is novel, different and caused huge debate with my friends whilst out at a restaurant. My friends were fascinated with the rear e-ink screen.

The rear e-ink display is not just about battery life. It is also about having an always on display for vital information. Perfect daylight visibility. And if your battery is about to die, you can take a screen shot of some information you will need later in the day, and it will be left on the rear e-ink display. And finally, the e-ink display is better for your eyesight.

The camera and audio aspects of the phone were reasonable. The competition includes phones with better sound and cameras. But in reality if photos are shared on social media, does it matter what the camera quality is like?

If you want something different and are the sort of person that needs the unique selling points of the Yotaphone 2 then its a match made in heaven. But the competition is fierce and there are many other options to consider too. Personally, this phone is staying in my collection. It is too cool not to have!!

Acer Jade S55 – Review – Conclusion


Welcome back to my final part, the conclusion of the Acer Jade S55 review.

Today, I am going to summarise my thoughts on the Acer Jade S55. The Acer Jade S55 has many positives going for it. It is a dual sim phone, with controls in place to monitor data usage from the moment you first turn on the phone. It then has not 1, but 3 easy or quick mode home screen options. These also offer password protection to prevent other areas of the phone being used.

This could be perfect for kids or older people as the fonts can be enlarged substantially as well. Quite impressive in that respect.

I managed to capture some lovely photos, and this is despite the fact it costs 1/3 of the Samsung Note 4. It also has above average audio quality using headphones with just an average loudness via the loudspeaker. Again not as flagship phone audio quality but then it costs a lot less.

Acer also include Bring Your Own Cloud solution apps for all your files and media. Again this is done to allow you to use your existing PC as the cloud. In addition, there are a few other apps Acer include but it is not overkill.

In fact, the whole experience is fairly close to a stock Android experience which makes the Acer Jade S55 rather pleasant to use and the more time I spent with this phone the more I enjoyed it.

Honor 6 – review – conclusion


So what do I think about this pocket rocket of a phone. Marvellous. If I did not have my Note 4, I would go for one of these. It is super nimble and has not shown me any issues.

The magazine style lock screen that changes the picture every time with lock screen controls is a neat touch. The settings and options are endless but in turn cater for everything I needed. All my specialist apps worked just fine.

The camera punched higher than I expected and I have taken some great photos. I also like some of the versatility and fun parts of the camera.

The android skin does not bother me whatsoever. I enjoy change and now I have seen the next version of the Emotion UI v3 and it is a much flatter improved design and look.

Using the Honor 6 has also made me wonder if a smaller size phone is a better option. I say this because my Note 4 dwarfs over in size and yet it is so much easier to use the Honor 6.

If you have any questions for me, please let me know. And if you want to know more head over to Amazon.

Amazon UK – Honor 6 deal

HTC Desire Eye – review – conclusion

Over the last week I have penned my thoughts on the HTC Desire Eye. It really reminds me of the previous HTC devices that I have owned, the HTC One M8 and HTC One M7 – good design from a hardware and software point of view. I have shown this phone to a number of people and the all have liked the look, feel and speed of the device.

I believe that the HTC Desire Eye has had thought and purpose as to who might use this phone. This is a great social phone. Ideal for content creation and sharing. Cameras back and front to capture that moment, good editing tools with filters and more, video highlights and Zoe, and finally decent front stereo speakers to enjoy that moment even more.

Take all the above, add a water and dust resistant design, Sense UI which has minimal bloat and an easy learning curve, Blinkfeed, good 1080p screen and a fast snappy 801 processor and the Desire Eye becomes a good phone.

I have one last final thought. Some smartphones lack character and feel bland when you hold and use them. For some reason, the HTC Desire Eye makes me feel good when I use it.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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