Final Thoughts on the cameras of the Sony Xperia Z1 vs iPhone 5S

Over the last few days, and maybe a few days before that I have uploaded camera samples from both the above phones. They are totally different animals, but here are my thoughts. The good news with both of these phones is that they can both be used with the quirky Sony QX10 hub lens.

Sony Xperia Z1 –

This is a newly released phone for Sony. It has software bugs. The phone has rebooted for no apparent reason about once a day and the camera frozen once too. The photos are focused in the centre of a shot, but out of focus around the edges. Bright days, the photos seems over processed. Low light can be dreadful. It just depends on the type of low light. However, the camera options are extensive. 61 shots in a second and 20.7mp photos too. I am keeping the Z1 because I really like it and I reckon after at least 2 software updates from Sony will be once amazing phone and camera. That probably will take 3 months at a guess. Panoramic photos seem to be low resolution affairs. I don’t understand why that it. I also believe if Sony had included Optical Image Stabilisation, this phone would be unbeatable in the camera department. The photos I have taken show incredible depth as well.

iPhone 5S –

Less is more is the moto here. High quality shots every time practically with no effort. It is just auto mode. Apple offer a square box option and very high quality panoramic photos. The photos show more natural colours too. I have taken some amazing photos of my dogs. There are other options, but not that many. I would call the 5S camera gimmick free just fast quality photos. Currently, in terms of quality I would pip the 5S ahead of the Z1. But I am keeping both phones, so will revisit the camera test as Sony updates the firmware.

In summary, don’t buy the Z1 for its camera

5 thoughts on “Final Thoughts on the cameras of the Sony Xperia Z1 vs iPhone 5S

  1. I like the camera on the 5S. I especially like the 120fps slow mo feature. I had the Galaxy S4 before I queued for the 5S which had a pretty good camera. The only problem I found was that the pictures looked a bit grainy/noisy under close inspection. I think the iPhone 5S has the perfect camera for a smartphone. Quick and simple to use with great results every time. The majority of photos taken on smartphones are just used for social networking sites, not photo shoots. If people want high quality photos they would buy a dedicated camera.


  2. Thank you Gavin…
    I finally managed to find a couple of hours to open the package the Z1 came in, charged and switched on.

    So far in the very limited time of use I have to say I am finding the Z1 hardware & software cumbersome, especially when compared to my current Galaxy S4.
    The missing hardware Home button is one thing but I can not forgive Sony by incorporating the three controls (Back/Home/List) within the Home screens.
    What this in effect does is reduce the actual screen size of allowed Apps & Widgets.
    At least with the S4 you get to use the entire screen as all the controls are situated Off Screen.
    I am also missing several of the layouts Samsung uses (which has surprised me somewhat).
    It is the little things like no Brilliance Slider in the Notifications Window or no control of closing down running apps/RAM/etc which the S4 uses by long pressing the Home key and selecting the first tab of three.
    I miss waving my hand over the turned off screen to obtain important info such as time, missed calls, messages, email, etc. etc.
    Even the S Health Walking Mate leaves me wishing it were on the Z1!!

    Although not the answer but I know it will not be long before I install Nova Launcher to at least give me a better use of the phone.
    I so wanted to use and experience the Sony Xperia Home software but I know if I do not change it soon the Z1 will go back into its box.

    If there is one thing that I have learned it is just how much I have become dependant on Samsung’s Hardware & Software…..

    Anyway, I intend to carry on for the next few days in order to get to grips with everything else.
    The camera will be tested hopefully tomorrow but of the few taken today initial findings do not bode well at all.

    So thank you Gavin…. Anything else you come by and print will be greatly received.



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