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Weather and information on Princetown and the Beast – plus links to must see footage of Winter 1963

Princetown, a grim little town some 1,400 ft above sea level, with an abominable climate of fog, snow, wind [and rain]… exposed to the bitter N and E winds, the least suitable place that could ever have been chosen for a town. Quote by WG Hoskins 1954.

To read the daily and evening weather updates for Princetown, Dartmoor, further information on Dartmoor, Princetown, the Legendary Beast of Dartmoor and a link to the incredible BBC Video Archive footage covering the Winter of 1963, click. here to jump to Gavin’s Gadgets Weather info page.

The archive video footage shows Dartmoor and Exmoor plus other parts of Devon that got cut off in the big freeze of Winter 1963-64.

Weather Fanatics – Read On

If you are running android, live wallpapers and widgets are all possible for your home screen setup. This is marvellous if you enjoy weather apps and forecasts. Below is my current home screen.

Below the Google Search widget is WeatherPro, my favourite weather app. The developers have several apps for iOS and android with in app purchases. The good news as I found out the other day, even though I bought a 12 month subscription for advanced weather data when I had my iPhone 5S, I was able to transfer this in app purchase to up to 5 devices across any platform. So my Note 3 now has the benefit of this data. The developers of WeatherPro also sell MeteoEarth.

MeteoEarth comes with a live wallpaper which displays live wind, precipitation or whatever options you select. I love the live aspect of the weather displayed as a wallpaper.

And below the WeatherPro widget is the Natatmo Urban Weather Station Weather widget. There are 4 options but I have it set just to provide hourly updates of the actual temperature from the outdoor module.

And finally folders and apps. The icon theme used for Nova Launcher is Tendere.

Of course, the cheaper way to check the weather is either a) look out the window or b) step outside, turn 360 degrees and deduce it’s rather nippy.

Of course, there are many other great weather apps and widgets out there. So what’s your favourites?

Netatmo Urban Weather Station and Princetown Yearly Weather Stats

Back in October 2013 I got the Netatmo Urban Weather Station. It is not the most advanced weather station kit available, but then neither is it the most expensive. It connects to the internet and has apps for the MAC, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and a web app for use with most web browsers.

Using the web browser, I called up the yearly actual weather readings for the outdoor temperature and pressure readings for Princetown, Dartmoor, Devon. It is quite evident that the overall temperatures are dropping as we approach winter.