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At Long Last – Android Pay is coming to the UK – details

The Telegraph has reported that Android Pay, Google’s equivalent payment system to Apple Pay, has got the green light and is going live in the UK later this month.

Android Pay will start to accelerate mobile payments from smartphones and remove Apple’s exclusivity with its Apple Pay. Samsung has also stated that its own mobile payments version is to launch in the UK sometime in 2016.

The whole idea of a mobile payment system is simplicity but it looks like everyone will want a slice of the action, so expect more companies to start to want to offer their own take on mobile payments.

Now if you have an android phone, you will need Android 4.3 as a minimum and NFC. Sadly NFC is excluded from many Chinese phones (not all) so it is worth checking if you have the minimum requirements. If you think you won’t be interested in using your phone to pay for goods, you will find this true at first. But 6 months later after using Apple Pay as often as possible, there is no way I would buy a phone that couldn’t support a mobile payment system.