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The Barbican, Plymouth – Historic Harbour shot on the Honor View 20

The Barbican in Plymouth was one of the few parts of the city that survived the second World War blitz. Most of the historic building in the city of Plymouth got destroyed. Two or three streets still retain some of the architecture of an historic fishing port. The Barbican has the largest concentration of cobbled streets in Britain, and contains 100 listed buildings.

The first shot above is actually a long exposure of 7 seconds. This was achieved by using the Silky Water Mode in the camera app of the Honor View 20. It is actually my favourite shot.

Next up is a simple auto shot at 12mp with AI left on. Equally as beautiful.

Now there is an option to use the full 48mp on the Honor View 20. So for the last shot, this was using the 48mp AI Clarity mode. This allows for some serious levels of detail and zooming in if required.