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In pursuit of the perfect photo – Editorial

Snowy scenes from Princetown on Valentine's Day #iphone6splus #procamera+ #lowlighthdrmode

It snowed yesterday in my village, Princetown. Armed with just my Apple iPhone 6S Plus and Sony RX100, I went out in the snow blizzard to take a selection of photos to capture the scene. If you scroll back a few articles you will see all 17 photos snapped.

I decided that the RX100 was not going to get covered in the snowfall, so I used my iPhone 6S Plus. As it was still slightly dark, I knew the low light capability of the iPhone 6S Plus would not be fantastic. Fortunately, I have been using ProCamera+ for iOS and decided to use its low light HDR mode which combines 5 shots in to one. I used this app to ensure I got the perfect photo. And I succeeded nearly. I took 20 photos and discarded 3 which were repeats. It was tricky to see the screen sometimes due to snow but apart from 3 of the shots which weren’t in focus enough, I actually was happy with the results. The default iPhone camera app would not have achieved anything near as good in my opinion.

To capture that perfect photo, the iPhone will nail it in most scenarios accept where the lighting is lower or with moving things e.g. dogs or children. Low light moving targets is near impossible without blur. And that is where the LG V10 came up trumps. Any light, any conditions and it seemed to nail that perfect shot.

But I do wonder, is it worth changing a phone just for the camera, and all in pursuit of the perfect photo.

Look at Tim Cook at the Super Bowl. He uploaded a blurred photo shot on his iPhone. He was actually really happy with the photo and being honest, the moment was recorded and in some ways that is more important than the pursuit of the perfect photo.

I do suspect that following Tim Cook’s blurred photo, the next iPhone will take much better low light shots!