In pursuit of the perfect photo – Editorial

Snowy scenes from Princetown on Valentine's Day #iphone6splus #procamera+ #lowlighthdrmode

It snowed yesterday in my village, Princetown. Armed with just my Apple iPhone 6S Plus and Sony RX100, I went out in the snow blizzard to take a selection of photos to capture the scene. If you scroll back a few articles you will see all 17 photos snapped.

I decided that the RX100 was not going to get covered in the snowfall, so I used my iPhone 6S Plus. As it was still slightly dark, I knew the low light capability of the iPhone 6S Plus would not be fantastic. Fortunately, I have been using ProCamera+ for iOS and decided to use its low light HDR mode which combines 5 shots in to one. I used this app to ensure I got the perfect photo. And I succeeded nearly. I took 20 photos and discarded 3 which were repeats. It was tricky to see the screen sometimes due to snow but apart from 3 of the shots which weren’t in focus enough, I actually was happy with the results. The default iPhone camera app would not have achieved anything near as good in my opinion.

To capture that perfect photo, the iPhone will nail it in most scenarios accept where the lighting is lower or with moving things e.g. dogs or children. Low light moving targets is near impossible without blur. And that is where the LG V10 came up trumps. Any light, any conditions and it seemed to nail that perfect shot.

But I do wonder, is it worth changing a phone just for the camera, and all in pursuit of the perfect photo.

Look at Tim Cook at the Super Bowl. He uploaded a blurred photo shot on his iPhone. He was actually really happy with the photo and being honest, the moment was recorded and in some ways that is more important than the pursuit of the perfect photo.

I do suspect that following Tim Cook’s blurred photo, the next iPhone will take much better low light shots!

11 thoughts on “In pursuit of the perfect photo – Editorial

  1. Some nice photos here. 5 shot hdr really captures the mood. A couple of things surprised me.

    – snowy scene means I expect the camera to underexpose as the light meter will be confused. But the photos look fine so pro camera knows enough to get tricky scenes like this right. Histograms right smack in the middle !! Not under or over exposed.

    – the photos of the visitor centre. The text is so clear on the building. How that can happen with 5 shot hdr, in these lighting conditions, in cold weather with your hand shaking…….I don’t know !!

    And these were all auto shots, too cold to mess around with settings.

    About low light and moving I suspect the iPhone might be getting ahead of itself. Clicking before it has got focus or more likely did not get focus, was unable to get focus yet still took the photo.

    One of the things that bugs me with LG’s implementation is there is no dual stage shutter. So can’t set a focus trap like with the iPhone, samsung or sony. Suppose it isn’t necessary if as you said it gets right more often than not.

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  2. Are the shots you have shown us Gavin produced using the ‘add-ons’ which makes the complete price £10.25, a tidy sum when compared to other camera apps.

    I have purchased a number of photography apps but this one title I have avoided simply down to the higher than usual purchase.


    1. Yes it is Mike. I think I paid just under £11 in total. In the filters pack, one of the options is available if you like them on Facebook. You actually don’t have to do that, just open the Facebook and using the top left screen shortcut to go back to ProCamera it registers that you have liked them, even if you haven’t.

      It is without a doubt one of the most expensive apps on my iPhone, but one that I am really enjoying a lot and have got some superb shots.


      1. I certainly agree it has provided you with some lovely shots Gavin. Whether it is worth that total price to me though is something I would have to look deeper at.
        I love my photography but it would take an awful lot to push me towards the devs costs.


      2. I don’t think its worth the total cost, and in some ways I think the developer is being greedy and IMO they should charge upfront one cost for everything. Even at £4.99 for everything would be expensive but I do like the app and its camera skills. It also have lots of editing options and filters. Yet Photomatix Pro for my MAC is an HDR program only which costs £69. It the problem with app prices on iOS. Proper decent apps have no means of charging. What you can do with ProCamera is buy the core app and use the IAP features. When the photo is saved, it is watermarked until you buy that part. What I discovered, was there was lots of extra settings in each mode, and after taking a HDR shot, you could swipe the photo to reveal all the range of HDR variations.


  3. And there lays the reason why I would have to think and think and think on a purchase.
    Yes I do so love my photography and have spent thousands upon thousands in both my cameras/lens/hardware and software. So when it comes to a purchase of £3.99 one would think “well what is his problem, if he’s prepared to spend thousands then £3.99 is pittance”!
    However, in this instance we are playing a different game. It is one thing to spend a large sum of money when you full well know you are getting your purchase with total piece of mind ~ it is worth every penny.
    In the case of Procamera+ though, I find it different…… Yes it is an excellent app which will provide some great results but it is how the developer has ‘masked’ the app in add-ons that startles me.
    Take the Watermark as an example:- To charge someone £3.99 and then charge you again to remove something they have put in place is something I can not accept.

    Now on the flip side let us look at the drawing and painting app ‘Procreate’.
    This app is amazing. It has such a strong following the developers have created its own forum where members create and share for FREE brushes to add to the program. It has tons of support and new features added left right and centre yet it only costs £4.99. Many (myself included) have said we would gladly pay much more but the developers hold out. I listened to them one day in a podcast where they were a guest. It was heartwarming to hear their views on value for money.

    Another app I use which has a truly staggering amount of support is Account Tracker Pro. It’s again £4.99 yet it’s worth makes it so much more.
    The developer is superb and I have absolutely no issues whatsoever in donating £10 annually.

    In the case of Procreate+, I would dearly love the developer to explain their intentions. However, we both know sending a personal email is not the answer, you get a reply and that is that!
    Places such as here or in forums where any correspondence is open for all to see and comment are what is needed.
    Would they do that?………. I don’t think so!

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