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Dartmoor National Park – The Snow Roads several days later

2 lanes become 1 because of the snow

The main roads in the South West of England may have all been cleared of snow, but up on Dartmoor National Park, that’s not the case.

Snow landscape on Dartmoor

There is still plenty of snow across the landscape, but due to the blizzard conditions and drifts when it fell from Saturday through to Monday morning, the snow ended up being up to 10ft deep in many places on Dartmoor.

Several days later still snow on the roads on Dartmoor

Even after gritting and ploughing, there is just too much snow in places. Many lanes haven’t been ploughed yet either and are literally filled up as high as car roofs.

Snow Roads on Dartmoor

Is winter over? Nope. The forecast is for more snow next week over Easter. All the above photos were shot on the Samsung Galaxy S9+.