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Samsung Note 5 – Dual Sim – First Impressions



Jah is a regular reader of Gavin’s Gadgets and recently imported a dual sim Samsung Note 5. Below are Jah’s first impressions –

“Samsung Note 5 Dual SIM variety – Impressions

First of all, if you are in the UK or Europe, please do your homework before you import or buy an imported Note 5.  The one I have, the N9208, does not have Band 20 LTE which means you can’t use 4G on Three and on Vodafone the 4G is very patchy. The best option for Dual SIM for the UK is the model designated as N920CD. 

Now for impressions:

–         –  the music playback over headphones is mind blowing, when playing high definition music (24 bit / 96 khz).  I used my Sony MDR R1BT in both wired and Bluetooth (with APT-X) mode.  The head amp on the Note 5 is better than the Snapdragon Note 4 and Exynos Note Edge.  Over BT, the sound reproduction is the best I have heard from any smartphone (compared to HTC M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as recent examples).  Therefore, it is a shame Samsung don’t have a 128GB version as you’ll fill-up the typically free 50GB (of the 64GB model once you’ve loaded your apps) very quickly with High Def music.

–         – the build quality of the Note 5 is top dollar.  You really need to spend time with it to appreciate the accuracy of build and beauty of the metal and glass body.  Even the SIM tray is beautifully constructed.  Again shame no tray for a micro SD card!

–        –  I was surprised that even though the screen resolution of the Note 5 and Note 4 are the same, the screen of the Note 5 is better (whiter whites and sharper text).  The screen on the Note 5 is a joy to use.

–        –  it is quick, appreciably quicker than the Galaxy S6 Edge even though it shares similar (but not the same) internals.

–         – the Note 5 has the slimmer, slicker and frankly much more user friendly Touchwiz interface than the Note 4.  Lots of nice touches make it a joy to use especially for business and productivity.  Also note that the S Pen accuracy and fluidity has also improved.  But I am not sure about the long term viability of the mechanical clicking mechanism on the top of the S Pen as the means to pop it out of the silo.   

–         – I use a Vodafone and EE SIMs and as the Vodafone LTE reception is patchy, I think my N9208 model was struggling with using Vodafone.  When I set my EE SIM to be the SIM to use for data, the battery life improved.  I can just about get through a day with a full charge but when there are signal issues (e.g. varying cell towers and signal types when travelling on a train) the battery takes a real battering. But when you have a good signal, the battery life is great (battery dropped 3-4% during a 1.5hr telephone call, which I think is good).  My typical daily use is two email accounts on 15 minute sync, 40 minutes of music over BT, about an 1 hour of general web use, 10-20 minutes of calls and 30 to 40 minutes of using the Note 5 as a hot spot (over an elapsed period of 13 hours). Please note, that unlike the OnePlus Two and other devices, the Note 5 cannot operate both SIMs on LTE; one SIM runs over 2G (GPRS and Edge) while the other (which you specify in settings) runs on LTE.

Overall, the Note 5 really is a very refined business and productivity tool.  Samsung should bring this to the UK (and Europe).  If are interested in the Note 5, really seek out the 64gb version.”

Many thanks to Jah for his contribution. If you would like to contribute a piece do get in touch.

Note – Photos from IFA 2015

Samsung Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus – my impressions – the truth



So Berlin is in Europe. And Samsung had on display the Note 5 as well as the S6 Edge Plus. And yet Samsung still confirmed they won’t sell the Note 5 in the UK.

Below is the S6 Edge next to the S6 Edge Plus. The demo areas were fairly empty for the Edge Plus. Nobody could give a brass farthing about it and yet during the Samsung Press conference the Samsung’s head of mobile announced he was excited this week as the Edge Plus was launching. The audience were not impressed as no mention again of the Note 5.

So what are my impressions of the Samsung Edge Plus.

Yuck. It’s a big S6 Edge and just as awkward to hold. If you prefer a larger screen then use this. I had trouble activating the Edge extras. Just lost on such a large screen. It was shiny. Overall I would personally avoid it.

So what about the Note 5. An overpriced piece of junk?

I must admit I am still angry at Samsung’s decision not to sell the Note 5 in the UK and Europe. Their reasons are total crap.  So I was ready to go overboard and knock the Note 5. Except I can’t. Here are the hard cold facts.

– its shiny. My photos prove that. I photographed myself holding the gold finish. The black was better but the platinum/silver was the best.

– its the most comfortable large phablet phone to hold. Narrow and with rear curved glass on the back massively helps with grip and the comfort.

– the screen. Fantastic.

the highlight – the S-Pen. It is amazing. Feels like writing on paper as you feel the friction as if it was paper. Much cleaning handwriting. Really really polished and hard to believe it was better than the Note 4.

Overall. Avoid the S6 Edge Plus. I didn’t like it. The Note 5 is so expensive. But it is a wonderful piece of hi tech. And that S-Pen is marvellous.

It’s real – it’s S-Pen gate – its caught out even the best! – details

Samsung is in the news for all the wrong reasons regarding the Note 5. The latest is over its design implementation of the stylus (S-Pen) for the Note 5.

Basically, if you insert the stylus the wrong way, it gets stuck and stops the pen detection working again.

Leo Laporte from the TWIT network was live last night trying to disprove that it was even an issue, except before he knew it, his S-Pen got stuck!

The story has been published on the BBC News too – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-34051994 and other top tech websites.

For comparison purposes, it was not possible to make this error/mistake on the Note, Note 2, Note 3 or Note 4!

Samsung just scored the worst and lowest poll on XDA Developers – details

When Samsung launched the Samsung Note 5, many people were left disappointed by the specifications and surprised by the fact Samsung then announced it had no intention to sell the phone in Europe or the UK.

In all the polls taken on XDA Developers, Samsung has just scored its worst ever, with 85% of Note 4 owners categorically not wishing to update to the Note 5.

The majority believe it is a step backwards from the Note 4, citing the following reasons –

1) Smaller Battery
2) Removal of the MHL port
3) Removal of the IR Blaster
4) Removal of the SD Card slot
5) Removal of the Removable and Replaceable battery
6) Glass back and too slippery
7) Only available up to 64gb
8) They couldn’t buy it even if they wanted as they lived in Europe

Normally when a new Note phone arrives at least 50% of people are looking to upgrade to the newer model or are interested in upgrading at some point in the future.

Source – http://forum.xda-developers.com/note-4/general/polls-galaxy-note-5-upgrade-t3178044

Editorial – My thoughts on Samsung’s new phones

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S6 Edge and Note 5. And then came the shocker. Samsung was not going to bring the Note 5 to the UK or Europe in 2015, and maybe not at all.

Personally, I think Samsung are pulling a PR stunt in poor taste. Tell somebody they cannot have something and they want it more. It is as bad as the OnePlus invite system!

Except this is 2015, and there are plenty of alternative phones available, and more choices to be announced shortly. So Samsung might suffer where it hurts, when loyal fans buy phones from different companies.

Brushing aside my thoughts from above, what do I think of the 2 phones.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +

Just a bigger S6 Edge, with a few improvements in software and hardware, mainly dominated with a bigger screen. So if you wanted a bigger phone, this is the phone you would buy. If you are in the UK and Europe this is the only phone you can buy. However, the new phone is only available in 32 or 64gb. That tells me that 128gb was not selling so well. BUT I do wonder if Samsung had offered the 128gb from day 1 whether it might have sold a lot more phones. Either way for most people, 64gb should be enough.

Samsung Note 5

The new S6 Edge type design really makes the Note 5 a premium looking phone. Built in wireless charging (fast charging), the improved stylus and software really make this a classy device. A shame there is no 128gb storage version. But if you needed to save space, you could copy video off the phone onto a usb stick. The battery should have been bigger, but Samsung decided to make the phone smaller. I can see some logic in this. At least with the Ultra Power Saving mode you really can have a phone to make a call or SMS in an emergency. Maybe next year extra colours and a higher storage option will become available as an exclusive to a carrier/network.

Fortunately, for you and I, there are plenty of phones due to be released that might steal Samsung’s thunder, and if a phone does, I hope it teaches Samsung a lesson.

Samsung’s Note 5 is on course for a disaster – my reason why plus latest photos



Droid-Life.com released images of the Samsung Note 5 as shown above.

The photos confirm (apparently) that the micro SD card and removable battery are now history. The Note 5 will come with 64gb as standard. Now, some people will be very unhappy with these changes, but honestly they won’t make a scrap of difference. Well actually, they will make the Note 5 a gorgeous looking phone.

The reason why I think the Note 5 is looking like a disaster is the fact its battery is meant to be around 3,000mAh. With a 5.66 inch QHD screen the only battery size acceptable is 4,000mAH plus. The only way I will change my mind is if Samsung has invented some snazzy battery tech. And Quick Charging is not a solution. I personally want a phone to have a decent amount of juice especially when its meant to be a flagship like the Note range!

Samsung Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus – Press Shots and Specs

As we get closer to the next Samsung Unpacked even on 13th August, more information about the Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus are getting released.

Evleaks on twitter revealed that Note 5 will will have a 5.66-inch QHD display, 4GB of RAM, and Exynos 7420 SoC (4×2.1GHz+4×1.5GHz). The phone will come with the same 16MP rear-facing camera and 5MP front-facing camera as the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. It will come with Android 5.1.1 pre-loaded and start at 32GB of internal storage. The phone will not include expandable storage.

How much of a deal breaker is this for you?

Below are the press shots revealed by evleaks.

Samsung Note 5 – launch day in 22 days and counting

Are you ready for the next Samsung Galaxy Note 5. To be launched by Samsung on 13th August 2015.

Will it have a micro sd card slot or will it take the form of integrated memory like the Galaxy S6. The web is divided at present. I personally believe it will follow the path of the S6, but time will tell.

So are you looking forward to this phone?