Samsung Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus – my impressions – the truth



So Berlin is in Europe. And Samsung had on display the Note 5 as well as the S6 Edge Plus. And yet Samsung still confirmed they won’t sell the Note 5 in the UK.

Below is the S6 Edge next to the S6 Edge Plus. The demo areas were fairly empty for the Edge Plus. Nobody could give a brass farthing about it and yet during the Samsung Press conference the Samsung’s head of mobile announced he was excited this week as the Edge Plus was launching. The audience were not impressed as no mention again of the Note 5.

So what are my impressions of the Samsung Edge Plus.

Yuck. It’s a big S6 Edge and just as awkward to hold. If you prefer a larger screen then use this. I had trouble activating the Edge extras. Just lost on such a large screen. It was shiny. Overall I would personally avoid it.

So what about the Note 5. An overpriced piece of junk?

I must admit I am still angry at Samsung’s decision not to sell the Note 5 in the UK and Europe. Their reasons are total crap.  So I was ready to go overboard and knock the Note 5. Except I can’t. Here are the hard cold facts.

– its shiny. My photos prove that. I photographed myself holding the gold finish. The black was better but the platinum/silver was the best.

– its the most comfortable large phablet phone to hold. Narrow and with rear curved glass on the back massively helps with grip and the comfort.

– the screen. Fantastic.

the highlight – the S-Pen. It is amazing. Feels like writing on paper as you feel the friction as if it was paper. Much cleaning handwriting. Really really polished and hard to believe it was better than the Note 4.

Overall. Avoid the S6 Edge Plus. I didn’t like it. The Note 5 is so expensive. But it is a wonderful piece of hi tech. And that S-Pen is marvellous.


11 thoughts on “Samsung Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus – my impressions – the truth

  1. Part of me wants to order one in from the States whilst another turns into Mr T and says “Don’t do that you Fool”!

    I’m still so very much annoyed with Samsungs attitude. It is definitely killing any form of interest whenever I see their name.


  2. So may need to port the Note 5 from eBay seller. May be in a month or so once prices come down. I’m interested in the dual sim option.


      1. Have decided to get the Gear S2 and Note 5 when they land. Will keep my Note 4 and not sell it as I think it is a classic.


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