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Soussons Forest, Dartmoor National Park – Shot on the Samsung S9+

Yesterday I visited Soussons Forest in Dartmoor National Park and took some photos with my Galaxy S9+. The above shot in the forest is of 3 of my labradors running along the path. Tiggy is out front with Sophie and George holding up the rear.

Photographing trees allows for some superb tree symmetry.

My 4 labradors loved running along the path. Also it was the first day in ages where it wasn’t snowing.

First shot shows Fury in the lead. And the next shot is of George and Sophie running together.

Stunning views.

The forest colours are fantastic to capture.

The above shot used the 2 times zoom of the S9+. Without the optical zoom the shot would be rubbish. In the distance you can see Bellever Tor.

Catching the sun for that special shot.

And finally, logging occurs in the forest.


Snow Storm hits Princetown on Dartmoor National Park – Photos from the Samsung Galaxy S9+ featuring Snow Dogs

Snowmageddon on Dartmoor

The snow started falling Saturday 17th March 2018, it briefly stopped for 4 hours on Sunday 18th March between 6am and 10.30am, and then it returned at full pelt until 3am on Monday 19th March 2018. Below are photos taken on the 18th March 2018. All the footage is shot on the Samsung Galaxy S9+.

Plus a short video.

The top photo and the one below are of the road leading out of the village. About 300 yards further down, the road was totally blocked with a huge snow drift lasting about 100 yards.

Snowmageddon on Dartmoor

Snowmageddon on Dartmoor

The above shot is at the entrance to Princetown.

Snowmageddon on Dartmoor

You can just about see the Tors in the distance. This was using the 2 x optical zoom of the S9+. The wind was still very strong.

Heres a tweet showing the road further down, that even caused 4 x 4’s to get stuck, including a Police Land Rover. The local police spent 90 mins digging themselves out.

Heres a short video of the conditions https://www.pscp.tv/w/1OyKANbOmWWGb

Part of the main road in Princetown.

Snowmageddon on Dartmoor

Snowmageddon on Dartmoor

Above, its not snowing anymore, but the wind is blowing strongly.

Snowmageddon on Dartmoor

The snow is deep, in many places with 10ft plus snow drifts. Below Fury, Sophie and Tiggy enjoying the snow.

Snowmageddon on Dartmoor

Nothing stops George from having a run.

Snowmageddon on Dartmoor

Snowmageddon on Dartmoor

Above. Hard to tell the 2 girls apart, but Fury is looking down at Sophie.

Snowmageddon on Dartmoor

Above, Tiggy and Sophie.

Snowmageddon on Dartmoor

Above, George and Sophie.

And has winter left for good? More snow is forecasted over Easter!