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Samsung Galaxy S6 – Has a removable battery and back cover – instructions

One thing I always do with every phone or potential new phone is read its manual. So I was right near the end of the Samsung Galaxy S6 manual on page 138, and voila.


Page 138 shows you how to remove the battery and back cover.



Pre- Order the Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge now – but you’re need a bank loan


Amazon.de now has the pre order pages for both the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Samsung Galaxy S6.

The pricing is as follows –

S6 Edge 128gb – €1,049
S6 Edge 64gb – €949 (this has had a 5% discount already applied)
S6 Edge 32gb – €999 (this is correct, same as 64gb at the moment)

S6 32/64/128gb – €999 (amazon clearly doesn’t want to reveal it hand yet on the pricing, but you can preorder and you will only be charged the lowest price at the time)

To add some perspective, €1,049 equals £759. So is the S6 or S6 Edge to expensive?

Source – http://www.amazon.de/Samsung-Galaxy-S6-Edge-Touch-Display-schwarz/dp/B00TX5PSBO

Samsung Galaxy S6 – Details of the Free Gifts that will come with the phone

Samsung will be offering a total of 22 free gifts for the Samsung Galaxy S6. These might vary dependant on region but should include the following –

-Pac-Man Friends
-The Hobbit: Kingdoms
-Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs
-The Economist
-Kindle for Samsung
-Workout Trainer
-Parallels Access
-Hancom Office

Some of the above offers are similar to those already being offered on the Note 4.

Source – sammyhub.com

Samsung Galaxy S6 – the real deal caught on camera – photos – updated now 9 shots

Reefer on XDA seems to have got his hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S6, and as and when he can he is publishing photos of the new phone. The S6 does not have a micro sd slot or a removable battery according to these shots. If anything new gets revealed I will update this post.

So have a gander and decide is this the real deal?

Update – for photos of both phones side by side back and front goto my latest post – https://gavinsgadgets.com/2015/02/26/samsung-galaxy-s6-and-s6-edge-side-by-side-photos/








Source – http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s6/general/picture-t3039837

Samsung releases more information/photos/videos on the Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung has started to release more information on its Samsung Galaxy S6.

Below are a selection –

Samsung Galaxy S6 – more info


Yesterday I mentioned Samsung had sent invites out for its 1st March 2015 Samsung Galaxy S6 launch.

Well Pocket-Lint deciphered the invite. In fact it was easy to solve. Just add a panel.


Unlike the Note Edge this should have 2 panels and should be available in 3 storage sizes.

I say should be available in 3 storage sizes but will the S6 be the first to start at 32gb storage with options for 64 and 128gb. Let’s hope so.

In addition, Samsung is looking to launch a new payment system, potentially try and slow down Apple Pay’s advancements.

Hello Samsung Galaxy S6


So Samsung sent out invites to its 1st March 2015 MWC unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S6. Take a good look at the image in the photo. Does it bend deliberately? I doubt it, but what it more likely is that the Galaxy S6 will have an Edge version like the Note 4. Except the Galaxy Edge is likely to have 2 panels.

Fortunately, February is a short month, so you won’t have to wait long.

HTC One M9 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 – Benchmarks

Bgr.com reported that “According to the test results, which were revealed by Techtastic.nl, the HTC One M9 registered a single-core Geekbench 3 score of 1,232 and a multi-core score of 3,587.

How does that stack up to the upcoming Galaxy S6? Samsung’s upcoming new smartphone racked up a single-core score of 1,520 and a multi-core score of 5,478, crushing the M9 in both tests.”

To add some comparison points the HTC One M8 has a multi-core score of around 2,900. This means that the new Snapdragon 810 will add some oomph over last years model.

But here’s the point. These benchmarks are useless. In real life the HTC is generally faster and nimbler than its Samsung competitor. So my advice is to ignore these so called benchmarks and see how fast the phone is for you with your setup!