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Nexus 6P – More Impressions – Mini Rant

So another day with the Nexus 6P and I am rapidly falling out of love with this phone.

– AnTuTu scored 44,500. No apps were running. So I rebooted phone. AnTuTu scored 60,000. These scores are with 170 apps installed.

– As I have the 128gb model, I wanted my music sitting on the phone. Nothing worked until I rebooted phone and mac. I also had to re-install android file manager. This worked.

– I also wanted around 1gb of my favourite photos on the phone. Android File Manager wouldn’t copy the photos across. No matter what I tried, nothing worked.

– USB Audio does not seem to work. This is a disaster for me. I don’t understand why Google would have killed this function. However, bluetooth audio is really good. Update – apparently USB C removes the need for OTG so I am testing another option and will update this post again shortly.

– The camera. The weather has been horrific so I have only tried some indoor shots. The 1.55 microns do make a difference but not for every shot. HDR+ is slow saving.The Google Camera app is too basic IMO and whilst it can take some good shots, they are not class leading. Why no OIS? With OIS the camera could have been a class leader!

– Battery so far is average at best.

– USB C cables are a PITA. All my adapters, special micro usb connectors, nothing works.

That’s all. I will be spending the weekend with the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact so that I can finish my review for Monday.

I will try to take some photos with the Nexus 6P, assuming I haven’t sent it back!

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Apple iPhone 6 Plus – more impressions part 3

Just a quick update on yesterday’s impressions and observations.

1) FaceTime video calls whilst moving in a car are not possible as the video image is blurred deliberately. This is a clever safety move.

2) Camera – I just took a few random snaps yesterday. Without a doubt the iPhone 6 Plus is such a competent shooter. I do need to test the burst mode out properly though.

3) I’ve sorted the iCloud photo syncing. Problem relates to the Mac not having iCloud Drive yet.

4) Overall the iPhone 6 Plus is proving to be reliable and fun to use.

5) Yesterday evening I charged the iPhone to 100% before I went to bed. I unplugged it and this morning the battery is still at 100%.