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HTC Re Camera – The Photos and Video plus initial thoughts – Updated with new Footage

I’ve always wanted to try the HTC Re camera but it was initially too expensive. Recently it was available at a price to good to ignore. 

The concept is simple. Grip sensor turns on camera when you pick it up. One handed operation for photos, video and slow motion. Time lapse is possible using the app. The app available on iOS and android allows you to view what you are capturing and act as a remote shutter button. Storage is via a micro sd card. 8gb card included. Waterproof up to 1 metre. However must footage is shot without seeing what you are filming. All the below media is my first attempt. 

There are camera settings in the app. With all the media below I took this with the ultra wide option enabled. This creates a fish eye effect. Personally, I would now keep this option off as it’s fairly aggressive. 

Anyway, enjoy the footage below. I absolutely love using the Re. It doesn’t get in the way of anything and I snapped some superb moments. 

The YouTube video includes all the footage good and bad. I also added some photos from the iPhone 6S Plus to give you a comparison which I added at the end. Also remember all the footage from the Re was taken without a viewfinder. 

The above shot was straightened and cropped. 
The above shot shows how fish eye the ultra wide setting can be. If I had held the Re Camera more level this photo would not look so fish eyed. 


Now enjoy all the video, slow mo and photos with some from the iPhone 6S Plus as a comparison. Total time is only 1 min 45 seconds. 

Right I have had more practise with the Re. Below is another video with just photo and video only from the Re. This time I had ultra wide mode turned off. Once again I had no idea of what I was filming. 

HTC launches the Re and Desire Eye along with new software for iOS and android phones

HTC held a press event last night and revealed 2 new pieces of hardware, the Desire Eye and RE camera. Then they announced that the RE camera software would work on android and iOS devices. That was after telling the audience HTC’s Zoe app was out of beta and available on the Google Play store and downloadable by all phones not just HTC handsets. And the iOS version was due out soon!

So the HTC Desire Eye is a 5.2-inch smartphone similar to One M8 specs except it’s in a flat polycarbonate body, a 13-megapixel camera front and back with decent dual tone flash on both sides. It is also water resistant with boomsound and advanced noise reduction.

The HTC RE camera, looks like a periscope miniaturised or an inhaler is a handheld camera with a 16-megapixel Sony DSC sensor and a 146-degree field of view. It then connects to Android or iOS phones via a dedicated app. It can of course shoot on its own.

The main aspect of HTC’s event is the fact it was opening up its software to iPhones and all android phones. Maybe HTC is trying to create a photo social network and of course raise its brand awareness. Whatever it’s long term plans, it’s good to see the company to start to think outside of the box, and away from just selling hardware.

So what did you think about the event, new software path and the Re camera and Desire Eye?

Re Camera photo –


HTC Desire Eye photo –