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Honor View 20 – Long Exposure Night Mode – secret second Night Mode discovered with spectacular results

The Honor View 20 has many camera modes in the in built app. Scroll back to see my full camera review to learn about them all with samples.

However, there are 2 night modes. There is a 5 sec long exposure night mode that is hand held without a tripod. This in itself is pretty cool.

However, there is another night mode that kicks in automatically when the phone detects the following. First it realises the phone is in a tripod and also the tripod isn’t moving, that is its completely still. Then it will automatically carry out a longer exposure of up to 30 seconds. This is different from using Pro mode for 30 seconds as its undertaking multi framing and only keeping the best parts of each different shot.

The result. Below is a night mode shot, on auto settings, with the phone on a tripod. The phone picked a 25 second exposure. Where I was standing was pitch black. The photo below is spectacular.

I also experimented with raw images but none of the raw images could compete with the above quality using this longer exposure night mode.