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Google I/O Keynote Speech – Highlights, Extras and My Thoughts

Google I/O opened yesterday with a 2 hour keynote speech. Lots of items got discussed but ultimately Google is moving towards a vision where the Google Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality control your life.

Key Highlights

– Google Assistant – An ongoing two way assistant to help you with everything.

– Allo – New messaging app for Google Assistant baked right in and that learns more over time.This is a great person to person or group messaging app. You can preregister for this app too.

– Duo – A new video calling app, which works well even over low bandwidth. Again you can preregister for this app as well.

– Virtual Reality arrives on Android using the “Daydream” standard. This was big news as Daydream will include loads of new features to make VR a top notch experience. This means that phones running Daydream will have a built-in VR interface for navigation, VR versions of Google apps and the latency and performance will be managed by Daydream to provide a great VR experience across devices. Google is providing manufacturers with open source reference platforms for a new level of VR headset and one-handed motion controller

– Android N – The final version not only downloads in the background but it actually installs itself too, without the need for you to reboot your phone. More features on Android N were made available along with a new beta.

– Android TV – support for picture in picture, HDR, live recording and new apps and extra Google cast functionality in more TV’s and devices.

– Google Home – This is Google’s response to Amazon’s Echo. Acknowledgement was made at the great job Amazon had accomplished with Echo too. Google Home goes further becoming the digital controller for music, lights , devices and more. Plus its a speaker and can control other speakers, play video on your TV and much much more. Google Home is Google’s response to HomeKit and Siri as well.

– Android Wear 2.0 – A huge update, probably bring to catch up with the Apple Watch whilst adding some new features like a new material design, app launcher, keyboard with gestures and handwriting input, and watch complications.

– Android Auto – A new feature will be the fact you will be able to run the Android Auto interface natively on a phone or tablet and not rely on a dedicated smart computer or radio in your car.

– Chrome OS – Google Play Store and Android apps will be able to run on Chrome OS. The Android Instant Apps initiative could be a method used to help support Chrome OS even more.

– Android Instant Apps – this allows Google load and run specific parts of Android apps on devices without downloading and installing the whole app first. Apps are made in modules by developers for this to happen.

Ultimately I see this as the future where you will be able to log on to any piece of hardware and have your entire app, games, media, personal data streamed via the cloud as you need it. This will be supported by Google AI and VR.

Highlights of the Apple’s Q2 Earnings call – Plus Editorial

So Apple held their Quarter 2 earnings call last night.

Below are the key highlights –

– 51.2 million iPhones sold vs 61 million sold the year before
– Mac sales 4.03 million down from 4.56 million from the year before
– 10.2 million iPads sold down from 12.6 million from the year before
– Quarterly revenue of $50.6 billion / net income of $10.5 billion /$1.90 per diluted share.
– Apple Music revenue up from £11m paying subscribers in Jan to £13m in April.
– Apple makes more money from its services than selling macs. App Store, iTunes and iCloud services have increased 35% from last year
– Apple Pay income not significant enough to declare figures.

Is it doom and gloom that sales have declined around 13%. Not at all. Apple also still has $233,000,000,000 in cash.

Lets repeat again what Apple sold despite the decline. It sold over 51 million iPhones, 4 million macs, 10.2 million iPads along with accessories and Apple Watches. And the net income is still $10.5 billion. That is still one hell of a result.

CES 2016 – 24 Hours of Crazy Tech Announcements – Best of including My Viewpoints

CES 2016 in Las Vegas is in full swing along with some exciting and crazy tech announcements.

Fridges – Samsung displayed a fridge with an android tablet built in to the front fridge door. Well that’s what it looked like. So now you can read your tweets on your fridge. On the other hand LG decided it would scan your body and if both hands were full, it would automatically open the fridge doors. That’s a bit more useful.

Fitbit – And along came the FitBit Blaze. A smart watch attempt by FitBit. Just a shame they left out GPS. All for $199. The stock market didn’t react well, and knocked 12.5% off the share value. I personally think the shape of the watch is odd.

1 fit

Samsung – not to be left out of the luxury watch market announced 2 new finishes for their Gear S2 Classic. The new Gear S2 classic will be available in Rose Gold case with an Ivory Genuine Leather Band and in Platinum case with a Black Genuine Leather Band beginning in February. If you need to know the price, you can’t afford it!. The bigger news is iOS support is coming for the Gear S2 later this year!

Samsung also announced new sexy curved TV’s and lots more including the TabPro S tablet running windows 10 and not android. It also had a cool keyboard case. The whole affair was rather slim too. The Samsung Chromebook 3 got announced too.

1 tabpro

1 Samsung Gear

Chinese Phones – I lost count of all the mid market and budget Chinese phones being announced. All slight spec bumps of the previous models with more storage and ram, more premium builds, finger print sensors and more. In the end, it just becomes a blur.

Casio – The Casio Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 is its first Android Wear device with sport watch styling and a typical Casio style rugged design. In monochrome mode the battery can last a month. Expect to pay around $500. Ouch!

1 casio

Weird but True News – Facebook sabotaged its android app to crash to see how loyal its users would be. Rumour is FaceBook is looking to leave the Google Play store. Just how significant a blow would this be for android ? Then Twitter announced its looking at allowing up to 10,000 words per tweet. I hope not. 200-300 is enough.

HTC and Under Armour – A partnership with the announcement of the Healthbox. This contained a fitness band, heart rate strap and scales. Functional and well designed too.

Parrot – unveiled the Parrot Disco, a new drone prototype that’s actually a full-blown fixed wing plane that can travel at 50mph.

HTC – HTC Vive Pre – HTC showed off its second generation VR headset. This is really looking amazing. The second generation has built in cameras and new controllers.

Huawei – Huawei held a big press conference and launched the Mate 8 and a new tablet that came with a stylus. New Huawei Watch models designed for women were also announced.

There were hundreds more products released and announced at CES, but the above are my personal favourites. Was there anything else that caught your eye?

Honor – The Honor 5X got announced. A 1080p 5.5 inch display, Snapdragon 615, 3000maH, 13mp rear camera and well built as usual and low cost phone.

1 honor-5x-multi

Snapdragon 820 Phones – LeTV Le Max Pro – this is a beast of a phone from LeTV. A 6.33inch 2K display, 3,400mAh battery, Adreno 530 GPU, 4GB ram, Android 6 with LeTV’s own skin, 21 MP OIS rear camera that takes incredible shots and really fast.

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