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Highlights of the Apple’s Q2 Earnings call – Plus Editorial

So Apple held their Quarter 2 earnings call last night.

Below are the key highlights –

– 51.2 million iPhones sold vs 61 million sold the year before
– Mac sales 4.03 million down from 4.56 million from the year before
– 10.2 million iPads sold down from 12.6 million from the year before
– Quarterly revenue of $50.6 billion / net income of $10.5 billion /$1.90 per diluted share.
– Apple Music revenue up from £11m paying subscribers in Jan to £13m in April.
– Apple makes more money from its services than selling macs. App Store, iTunes and iCloud services have increased 35% from last year
– Apple Pay income not significant enough to declare figures.

Is it doom and gloom that sales have declined around 13%. Not at all. Apple also still has $233,000,000,000 in cash.

Lets repeat again what Apple sold despite the decline. It sold over 51 million iPhones, 4 million macs, 10.2 million iPads along with accessories and Apple Watches. And the net income is still $10.5 billion. That is still one hell of a result.