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LG G4 – See what a 102mp shot looks like taken by the LG G4 & how it busts Google Photos

This is a panoramic shot taken by the LG G4. It is a 102 mega pixel shot! To see the full size and the level of detail, click on the photo to jump into my Flickr. Then select original size.

Exeter Cathedral Yard Panoramic shot #LGG4 #40mb

I am now using the new Google Photos app to upload my photos. I have decided to keep to full resolution and skip the free offer. Compressing all photos by 30% approximately is too much for me to accept.

What I have since discovered, is a large photo, and the above panoramic is a good example, prevents the photo from being displayed in the app, on the a web browser or on any device. You can download it and see the shot that way, but there isn’t even a thumbnail present, just a white rectangular space with an exclamation mark in the middle. I hope Google fixes this or finds a workaround.

Have you found any Google Photo bugs yet?