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Apple iPhone 6S – That naked feeling – To case or not?

From day one I got a case for my iPhone 6S Plus. I also bought a screen protector and a tempered glass screen protector. 

After applying both screen protectors one after another I decided I hated the way both screen protectors ruined the view from the front, so removed them. Touch wood, I have no scratches on my front screen. 

Now to the subject of using a case. As I said I fitted a case from day one. I bought the Apple silicone and leather case to start off with. The silicone case in my opinion made the phone look cheap and I didn’t like the feel and dust collecting abilities of the silicone case. There are some benefits of using a silicone case in that if you have an Apple Watch you can buy matching sports straps. So I settled with the Apple leather case with provides extra grip and slightly more protection should you drop the phone. 

Move forward to a few days and I received some clip on macro and fish eye lenses for the iPhone. To use these you have to remove your case. And then I stepped back, looked at the iPhone and thought “wow”. The iPhone 6S Plus looks damn gorgeous without a case. 

And now I’m left with a dilemma. I don’t want to put the Apple leather case back on BUT the consequences of not having a case and being unfortunate and dropping the iPhone could be a costly affair. The chances of dropping it are higher without a case as the aluminium finish is slippery. 

So I have this emotional feeling to decide to whether to use my iPhone naked or cased? 

What do you do with your phone?