Apple iPhone 6S – That naked feeling – To case or not?

From day one I got a case for my iPhone 6S Plus. I also bought a screen protector and a tempered glass screen protector. 

After applying both screen protectors one after another I decided I hated the way both screen protectors ruined the view from the front, so removed them. Touch wood, I have no scratches on my front screen. 

Now to the subject of using a case. As I said I fitted a case from day one. I bought the Apple silicone and leather case to start off with. The silicone case in my opinion made the phone look cheap and I didn’t like the feel and dust collecting abilities of the silicone case. There are some benefits of using a silicone case in that if you have an Apple Watch you can buy matching sports straps. So I settled with the Apple leather case with provides extra grip and slightly more protection should you drop the phone. 

Move forward to a few days and I received some clip on macro and fish eye lenses for the iPhone. To use these you have to remove your case. And then I stepped back, looked at the iPhone and thought “wow”. The iPhone 6S Plus looks damn gorgeous without a case. 

And now I’m left with a dilemma. I don’t want to put the Apple leather case back on BUT the consequences of not having a case and being unfortunate and dropping the iPhone could be a costly affair. The chances of dropping it are higher without a case as the aluminium finish is slippery. 

So I have this emotional feeling to decide to whether to use my iPhone naked or cased? 

What do you do with your phone?


9 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 6S – That naked feeling – To case or not?

  1. I use a Samsung branded crystal back cover. Maintains look of the silver Note 5 and provides some protection. Also have tempered glass but agree with that these detract from looks.

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  2. Never use a case and for the last year or so don’t use screen protectors either. I have an office based business so the phone is never exposed to damaging dirt or anything – just don;t like any case on any phone personally – not seen one that enhances the look or feel of a device.

    Just an opinion and if I dropped my device I’d be wishing I had used one I guess :p

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  3. I agree the protective glass screens are never right and the plastic ones don’t feel they give any more protection than not having one. I would go naked (iPhone wise) because the phone is gorgeous but is as noted almost impossible to hold on to. I settled for a ‘dream’ case (other manufacturers are available) it does stop you using camera accessories but the cases is a good compromise for the aesthetics of the phone.

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  4. There’s no way I would go naked with any of my phones especially my iPhone 6s Plus.
    I tend to go for wallet types that have a removable insert where the phone can be very quickly (magnetic) removed from the wallet case.
    I picked up this wallet case from Amazon recently ~
    Completely protects the phone when in the wallet and when taken out i.e. for taking a photo it is still protected exceptionally well. Also extremely easy to remove all protection should you wish to add anything as in lens clips etc.

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      1. Another thing I should have mentioned Gavin is the magnetic inner case that holds the iPhone to the wallet is not just a great case as it protects exceptionally well but the magnets are very strong (they do not effect any operations as in compass etc).
        Strong enough to easily hold your iPhone upright on a metal surface i.e. a fridge.
        Use it with one of the car magnetic holders and it’s easy peasy to place on and off.

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