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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Firmware Update – The Changes / Camera Improvements – Details

Two nights ago my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge received a firmware update. This has been stated as the March security update and some bug fixes. Well I had been playing with the S7 Edge all day yesterday and noticed the following changes and improvements.

– March Security update applied

– Camera Failed Bug – This appears to have gone. Re-activating Smart Stay in the display option of the settings app does not cause the camera to fail.

– Camera Post Processing – Samsung is still applying sharpening but it has been reduced. See below.

Hill climbing by Tiggy #Dartmoor

– RAW Shots- Following the changes above, I wondered if RAW photos had been improved. Shot below is a RAW shot that I post processed afterwards of a game controller knob.


And below is the original JPG in auto.


– Bluetooth Audio – The S7 Edge has a Hi-Res Bluetooth Codec called UHQ. This has been improved to prevent minor drop outs whilst using this Hi-Res format.

– Misc bug fixes and improved screen sensitivity

So have you found any other improvements or fixes.