Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Firmware Update – The Changes / Camera Improvements – Details

Two nights ago my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge received a firmware update. This has been stated as the March security update and some bug fixes. Well I had been playing with the S7 Edge all day yesterday and noticed the following changes and improvements.

– March Security update applied

– Camera Failed Bug – This appears to have gone. Re-activating Smart Stay in the display option of the settings app does not cause the camera to fail.

– Camera Post Processing – Samsung is still applying sharpening but it has been reduced. See below.

Hill climbing by Tiggy #Dartmoor

– RAW Shots- Following the changes above, I wondered if RAW photos had been improved. Shot below is a RAW shot that I post processed afterwards of a game controller knob.


And below is the original JPG in auto.


– Bluetooth Audio – The S7 Edge has a Hi-Res Bluetooth Codec called UHQ. This has been improved to prevent minor drop outs whilst using this Hi-Res format.

– Misc bug fixes and improved screen sensitivity

So have you found any other improvements or fixes.

8 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Firmware Update – The Changes / Camera Improvements – Details

  1. Was hoping for it to fix the widespread issue where it’s dropping the network connection entirely. This is completely random and frustrating as f*ck. Otherwise I’m super happy and really admire what you are doing on this blog. I’m always happy to see your new content here or on XDA.



  2. Hmm if you say so, that sharpening has been reduced.

    Have learnt to be tolerant with these shots in the moors because they are very difficult to render for a phone camera. Bushes and long grass everywhere stretching into the horizon.


      1. The artificial i think is to do with overexposure, likely with ever increasing apertures.

        Could see that on Tiggy after she took a dip. Tiggy & Fury will trip up any light meter 🙂

        You could fix it by dropping half a stop but you’re doing everything with auto.


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