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Travel Series – Exploring Dartmoor National Park – Bellever Forest

Bellever Forest, Dartmoor #iPhone7Plus

Bellever Forest is based in Dartmoor National Park, Devon, UK. The East Dart River runs through Bellever Forest which makes a great setting for having a picnic. Alternatively you can enjoy several walks around the forest, or enjoy some great views from the top of Bellever Tor. This is the map reference for finding Bellever Forest using Google Maps – https://goo.gl/maps/2bsmxtHyRRB2

There are 4 trails that you can walk along. The Bellever, Easy Access, Postrbridge and Lich Way Trail. For more information on these trails, Click HERE. I have walked the Bellever and Easy Access trails, both of which were enjoyable.

Through the Trees, Bellever Forest, Dartmoor #iPhone7Plus

Scenic shots at Bellever Forest, Dartmoor #iPhone7Plus #silkywater

There is parking and toilets. Cars and motorbikes pay £1 for up to two hours and £2 for over two hours. There is a flat rate for minibuses of £4.

Typical Dartmoor fog descends over Bellever Forest.

Morning mist at Bellever Forest, Dartmoor #iphone6plus

Dartmoor Ponies are common in the forest.

Dartmoor Ponies in Bellever Forest #lgg3

As its an active forest, tree felling is common place.

Tree logs stacked in style at Bellever Forest #SamsungNote4 #unedited

You get some really vivid colours too.

The Wild Colours within Bellever Forest, Dartmoor #Note4

On a foggy day, the view from Bellever Tor can be restricted.

Foggy view from Bellever Tor towards Princetown, Dartmoor -  lost in the fog #Note4

View of Bellever Tor

View of Bellever Tor, Dartmoor #Note4

Walking on the Easy Trail is fairly well marked. About one quarter is on soft grass tracks, which can be muddy at times. 

Selection of photos around Bellever Forest, Dartmoor snapped with the new HTC Desire 820 #unedited

Finally, the summit of Bellever Tor in the fog.

Walking up to the summit on Bellever Tor,  Dartmoor,  1,411ft high #Note4

Bellever Forest Timelapse – Having a picnic near the river is recommended.

Bellever Forest is a fabulous place to visit, either to relax and take in the scenery or try out one of the walks around the forest and up to Bellever Tor.

Useful Links

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Credits – All Photography & Video by Gavin Fabiani-Laymond.


Pokemon Go – Live on Dartmoor National Park – My Experience – Is it really that popular!

Anyone for an ice cream #Dartmoor tonight

Dartmoor National Park – 328 square miles of national park and moors. One ice cream van that appears everyday in summertime.

So what does the ice cream van have to do with Pokemon Go. Well, the ice cream seller was chatting to a customer while serving me a 99 ice cream with flake. Somehow, the conversation drifted and before you could count to 5, discussions on Pokemon Gyms, Pokemon stops and more. The conversation opened out into a huge branch with a vast amount of people clearing playing the game in other towns. This was my first insight into just how crazy popular Pokemon Go has become. Secrets were revealed as to where all the best places where to visit and catch more Pokemon.

So Dartmoor National Park is rural and a rugged landscape. I didn’t expect there to be anything to catch or many Pokemon stops. But OMG there are loads. I am not sure how the number of items to catch vary to other places but I certainly can’t complain.

Dartmoor Prison is a Pokemon Gym. Ironic that! The Pokemon Gyms are places you go to fight other Pokemon. Prison , fighting. Maybe its a good fit!

Now in my rural village on Dartmoor, called Princetown, there are another 2 Pokemon Gyms. Plus Princetown is a historical village so there are lots of Pokemon Stops. There are also 2 churches with activity. In fact, come and visit Princetown and get your Pokemon!

Whilst visiting make sure you visit the 2 pubs (The Plume of Feathers / Prince of Wales), the 2 cafes (Fox Tor Cafe, Old Police Station), the National Park Visitor Centre, the Dartmoor Prison Museum and stroll up to South Hessary Tor!

Now as to how long this fad will last is anyones guess. But for now, I ended up walking an extra hour catching Pokemon! And I only bumped into one hanging flower pot!