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The Grand Tour starts 18th November 2016 -Special offer on Amazon Prime


Grand Tour Season 1 starts this Friday on Amazon Prime. To watch it you need to be a member of Amazon Prime. For the next few days Amazon is taking £20 off the annual membership of £79, making it just £59.

Click HERE for your Amazon Prime offer.

Obviously apart from the Grand Tour, you also get access to all the other Prime benefits.


Hudl versus Kindle Fire – Let the Battle commence

Tesco has announced that it is releasing later on this year an update to its popular Hudl tablet. Tesco also announced it was bringing out its own smartphone with specs to rival the Samsung S5 but for around £250.

In similar news Amazon will be doing exactly the same.

So what we are seeing is round one of a battle for the mobile shopper between 2 giants. Clearly, Amazon have a head start as they already have had Fire tablets in production for several years. But then Tesco has actual physical shops.

Amazon and Tesco are both investing in their media services – Amazon Prime and Tesco Blinkbox. So will their be a winner and loser. Time will tell but competition should hopefully create more choice for the consumer.