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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Camera Shootout – Part 5 – Action Dog Shots – Plus Editorial

It had to be done. Could I obtain some shots of my 3 labradors in action as I have done so already with all my previous smartphones?

If you are need to refresh your memory of these action dogs shots, have a look again at the reviews for the Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G4 (especially) and LG V10 (also especially). Click HERE.

So off I went with 3 dogs on a day that was slightly overcast and a fair amount of glare. Not perfect lighting for shooting dogs. I shot all the photos in 4:3 12mp on the S7 Edge. All in Auto mode and using the burst, which is simply press and hold the shutter. Then on my iPad I viewed all 500 shots are selected the best. The annoying part was all 500 were in focus!!!!! So it took ages to decide as so many were great. I also was curious as to how fast the burst mode was on the S7 vs iPhone 6S Plus. The S7 reaches a max of 100 burst shots at a file size of 2.37mb, while the iPhone has only reached 40 burst shots at a file size of 2.07mb. On my iPad i used the iOS Photos app and cropped the photos to 16:9.

What is truly amazing the the S7 camera is its speed and speed to focus. Often the dogs would appear charging/running back to me. Each time I was able to double press the home button and hit the shutter and fire off another burst of photos, that were all in focus. Amazing.

Panoramic with Tiggy and View of Princetown, Dartmoor

I really like this shot a lot and its a smashing panoramic.

One Dog One Town One Panoramic #Tiggy #Princetown ##SamsungS7Edge

Burst Shots

This was Tiggy all lovely and clean.

This is me looking all clean and cute before I jumped into the mud and water #Tiggy #SamsungS7Edge

And Tiggy again with her ears looking triangular somehow.

Triangular Ears #Tiggy on #Dartmoor

And Tiggy now soaked in water and covered in mud. You can’t see the mud as her colouring disguises it, but believe me she had tons on her!

"Honest, I've not been near the Water" #Tiggy #Soaked #SamsungS7Edge

Another shot of Tiggy, She was running around 20mph.

Tiggy sprinting on Dartmoor #SamsungS7Edge

George on the left, Fury on the right. Check out those happy faces. Both dogs were running super fast.

Happy Days #George #Fury on Dartmoor #Sa5

Fury at full speed.

Fury at full speed on Dartmoor #SamsungS7Edge

And finally George and Fury. George was running like a rocket, Fury was too.

Catch Me if You Can - George & Fury sprinting on Dartmoor #SamsungS7Edge

Now I saved over 30 action shots for my personal photo library. Google Photos took some of the bursts saved photos and made a GIF. See below. This also shows you how well the S7 maintained focus despite Tiggy’s running speed and distance. Very very impressive.